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     Driving around the country...aging your automobile...and running up telephone bills while trying to understand laws, regulations, and applications about applying for financial aid is frustrating and leads to many dead ends.  However, there is a better way.

     Most of what you need to do, learn, and inquire about is fully explained on the Internet!

     Consider this approach...planning your own College & Financial Aid Search on the Internet.  You will be amazed at what information is there and you can accomplish this in the comfortable surroundings rather than pressing the speed limits of America hoping you can get somewhere in time to meet with whomever.

     The truth is that you can "visit" a great majority of colleges on the Internet and, as you plan things and get your paperwork together, you then can venture forth with more confidence and a plan to properly get this job done.  Secondly, there is so much to learn, consider, and balance that you would be well advised to do this on the Internet where there is so much information from all the best resources.   Finally, once armed with knowledge you will then find you and yours limiting road trips simply because you know more about what you want.

     For example, Financial Aid needs to be approached from a comprehensive point of view after some practical study.  You may find it advisable to consider taking advantage of a multi-loan approach.  Its disturbing to realize that many loan programs have money left over at the end of each year.  In such an atmosphere lenders often are willing to accommodate when the borrower can present an intelligent loan offer.  Formatting your loan programs is just one area where find a great deal online.  Many hours have hours have been devoted to into this College & Financial Aid program and it is an excellent way of learning about what you are getting into.

College & Financial Aid?...Do-It-Yourself on the Internet! is about...

  • Implementing a realistic plan that suggests good alternatives and prompts you along the way.
  • Getting questions answered and learning to do the basics at your own speed.
  • Having each alternative explained in common language so you can relate it to your situation.
  • Understanding what all the words mean rather than be more puzzled as you become more "informed."
  • Having a line-by-line understanding when it comes to forms, forms, forms!
  • Knowing when and where to get professional help.
  • Having sources where the whole process can be explained so you know what to do with certainty.
  • Being able to feel good once you drop your correspondence in the mail!


     If you were to develop this program yourself it would take many hours.  What you will receive is the work product of over 50 hours professional effort.  This material will save you frustration, time, and money.  We will be glad to share this excellent disc program with you for a purchase price of  $36.95 plus $3.00 for Handling and Shipping. Your total price is only $39.95!

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