Federal Information Technology Sales?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet!


The Washington Post reports that federal government IT purchases will increase by 1.2 billion in 2000.  This is a healthy  increase of 4% or a total of $34 billion!

Because of federal Internet reporting the Federal Government IT Market has become very accessible.  Federal contractors now have a solid opportunity to make an informative "bid/no-bid" decision with such opportunities. The Internet offers this information to such an extent that you can now determine just how much resources you have to spend in competing for a given dollar amount of Federal IT business!

With our "Do-It-Yourself On The Internet!" disc program you are directed to sources for Federal Information Technology contracts that are up for renewal.  The commercial community that trades on much of this knowledge has also been able to upgrade their offerings considerably.  Not too long ago, finding these opportunities was very difficult.  Today such data is extensive and it normally includes a high degree of detail such as key contact names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.  Not too many years ago you had to "live" at the account to get such information.

The consensus is that government purchasing is evolving away from preferences and other forms of social decision making since the politics of such opinions seem to be changing.  Further, due to the degree of spending and technology leadership that governments are tasked to manage, they are becoming so influential that just about every IT competitor has some kind of Federal and/or Government Marketing effort.  In view of these happenings it is logical to assume that the Federal IT spending will continue to grow appreciably for as long as it makes sense to project this data.

The Federal Market is still a highly competitive arena, but because of this surge in Internet and other reporting, the Fortune100 are now being forced to share what used to be their domain.  For many commercial information technology efforts this increased availability of data and growth of  U. S. Government Information Market are good reasons to stay in this hunt.   Better yet, these factors have made it less of a requirement to be "on sight" (having a Washington office) in order to compete.  Such an expensive move is no longer part of the entrance fee!

If the Federal Information Technology Market is (or could be) of importance to your sales efforts you might take this Money Back Guarantee occasion to find out just what kind of response you could give to the many millions of dollars of business offered.

Federal IT Business?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet! is a disc program for $39.95 (including  the handling and freight charges).  Money Back Guarantee if you feel that this information failed to give you a value for your purchase price. 

The AGREEMENT covers the legal aspects of this sale.