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Federal Jobs?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet!

(Comes with a Money Back Guarantee)

"Many Americans are victimized by scam artists selling information about federal jobs opportunities"---this quote was attributed to the United States Office of Personnel Management in The Washington Post by Mike Causey on June 24, 1999.

Federal government employment is a respected and valued career path in our society.  No other employer offers such a variety of world-wide job opportunities.   In an effort to counter these scams, Federal Gateway is offering a honest, effective, and inexpensive Internet-based federal employment assistance program that empowers applicants to manage their own job search...the jobs are right here on the Internet!

It seems reasonable to assume that the caliber of person who seeks federal employment can, with a degree of professional assistance, avoid the scams and save time and money by doing this task themselves.  We are the professional assistance and we call our service "FEDERAL JOBS?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet!"

This unique program comes to you in the form of a disc with pre-searched data so you work with the most helpful and authentic federal (and more!) Internet job information.  The material deals with your specific job search and provides you with solid help and suggestions on your job application "paperwork"---which often needs a skillful touch since your writings are generally reviewed before you are asked to interview.  This program gives you a plan of action that has you completing all the basic tasks that make you a serious federal job candidate.      

The good news is that the Internet has made it possible to review all the official federal job openings online.  However, confusion can arise when your search results lack clarity and "matches" become unmanageable.  Contrast this with your data immediately being in context and your search plan quickly producing real job possibilities.  In less than an hour you will be in touch with real job openings that you know you are qualified to handle---of course, the competition is formidable.   This is where the real work begins and this program will efficiently prepare you to compete---the results have been excellent!

Honest information rather than hype.  FEDERAL JOBS?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet!  will empower you with what you need to know to work intelligently at getting the best federal job you can.  How long this takes is more about having the right information and doing the necessary work in an intelligent and timely fashion. 

Right now here are thousands of federal jobs waiting to be filled--teachers, engineers, middle managers, etc.  Yes, the federal government is reducing its work force but they are still the largest employer in the United States.  Even now, with all the downsizing and buyouts, the U. S. Government often hires over 1,000 people on a given day!

Most search situations are unique...but everyone can benefit from knowing where the right information is and having some good directions.  FEDERAL JOBS?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet! is the work product of many skilled people and this simple disc format will put you to work on learning how to get the job you want.  

The federal job you want, the opportunity you desire, the income you need to have become a greater possibility when you have the right information to work with.   Federal Gateway has assembled this program so you can quickly acquire the knowledge and skill to qualify for the highest federal career position your qualifications will allow!


If you were to develop this program yourself it would take many hours.  What you will receive is the work product of over 50 hours professional effort.   This material will save you frustration, time, and money. 

Federal Gateway's FEDERAL JOBS?...Do-It-Yourself On The Internet! is priced economically at $36.95 (U. S.) plus $3.00 (U. S.) Handling and Mailing costs.  It comes with a Money Back Guarantee if you feel that this information failed to give you a value for your purchase price. 

The AGREEMENT addresses the legal aspects of our relationship in the matter. 


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