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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the central agency within the Federal Government for emergency planning preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Working closely with state and local governments, the Agency funds emergency programs, offers technical guidance and training, and deploys Federal resources in times of catastrophic disaster. These coordinated activities ensure a broad-based program to protect life and property and provide recovery assistance after a disaster.

Executive Order 12127 of March 31, 1979 established FEMA, consolidating the Nation’s emergency-related programs. It is an independent agency of the U. S. Federal Government.

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Federal Emergency Management Agency Homepage

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FAQ's   covers E-mail addresses, ordering publications, and much more.

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Alphabetical Index  searchable subject index  of FEMA.

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FEMA News Desk   disaster news, current topics, FEMA activities, etc.

Emergencies and Disasters - Fedlaw  legislation addressing such concerns.

FEMA Publishes Proposed FOIA Rules

American Red Cross   planning, preparing, and responding to disasters.

EmergencyNet News

Distaster News Network   contains human interest articles from disaster sites in the U. S. and U. S. territories.

News - Proposed FEMA FOIA Rules

Storm Watch  tropical storm watch--with an accent on communities.

Project Impact  is about building disaster resistant communities.

Disaster Finder   extensive disaster and emergency information resource provided by NASA.

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Career Opportunities - FEMA 

Maps  analyse and visualize hazards--review past disasters via maps etc.

FEMA - Animals and Emergencies  helping pets during emergencies.

Freedom of Information Requests: Office of General Counsel, Phone 202-646-3840.

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Regional and Area FEMA Offices

Partners   listing of other organizations that FEMA works with.

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FEMA - Business and Finance  discusses the use of Information Technology as an emergency management resource.

FEMA And TheYear 2000 Initiative

FEMA - Higher Education  readings in emergency management.

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FEMA is the lead agency on national catastrophes and marshals resources in response---a surprising amount of ongoing preparation goes into this effort.

Special Note: Many other federal organizations have particular responsibilities when disaster strikes--Small Business Administration (loans), General Services Administration (rapid response support and supply functions), Department of Agriculture (food safety, conservation, loans, and education), The U. S. National Response Team (oil and hazardous substances response), U.S. Department of the Treasury (replacement of certain Federal financial instruments), etc. Some of the Internet addresses for these agencies’ disaster assistance programs are noted below---under "Other Federal Disaster Assistance Agencies."


Winter Storms Update Center  connects to storm reporting locations.

Tropical Storm Watch   weather advisories, weather reports, etc.

El Nino Loss Reduction Center  professional assists with this controversial weather happening.

FEMA for Kids   learning about weather.

Yahooligans  amounts to a parental assist in explaining storms and other weather disturbances to children.

WW2010 El Nino - University of Illinois

Mitigation Programs

Project Impact  opportunity for communities to plan and avoid disasters.

FEMA - Mitigation  explains the value of taking actions that anticipate possible disasters to reduce risks.

Disaster Preparation   study, training, and practice to combat disasters.

After a Disaster

Operations Support

U. S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board 

National Flood Insurance Program  distributes maps and materials to a broad range of customers (government, insurance providers, real estate appraisers, etc.) in order to inform them as to assessed flood risk data (for flood insurance purposes) in 20,400 communities nationwide.

Fire Prevention and Training

U. S. Fire Administration

Other Federal Disaster Assistance Agencies

Department of Agriculture, Disaster Assistance

FEDSIM - Data Center Disaster Recovery Services (GSA)

U.S. Department of the Treasury, Disaster Assistance

U.S. Environment Protection Agency, Disaster Assistance

The U.S. National Response Team   multi-agency technology response to chemical spills.

International Resources

Global Emergency Management System (GEMS)  has worldwide listings, USENET newsgroups, research and development, etc.

U.S.A. Global Emergency Management Information Network Initiative   program to respond to natural disasters.

Other Resources

Emergency Preparedness Information Xchange (EPIX)  international organizations that are involved in ongoing emergency activities.

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FEMA - Information for Businesses

U. S. Business Advisor   doing business with the government and much more.

CBD Net   key federal contracting publication.

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Metropolitan Washington Winter Storm Travel Guide  air quality, snow, etc.

AlertNet  gives disaster workers a free source of information and means of communication to speed their responses to catastrophes worldwide.