U. S. Department of the Interior

18th & C Streets, N. W., Washington, D. C. 20240

Telephone:  (202) 208-3100

E-mail:  webteam@os.doi.gov


The mission of the Department of the Interior is to protect and provide access to Americas’ natural and cultural heritage and honor trust responsibilities to the American Indian community.

The Department was created by act of March 3, 1849 (43 U.S. Code 1451) and later actions which have lead to it’s title as "custodian of the Nation’s natural resources".

The following material was condensed and edited from the Department of the Interior Web site--with added content to further inform visitors to the Federal Gateway™ site.

More Detailed Information

Homepage and Introductory Information to top

Department of the Interior Homepage

Secretary of Interior

About DOI


How to find information

Subject Index

Search - DOI

Search  suggests Lycos, Yahoo, etc. (major search engines).

Telephone and Mail Search Utilities  covers the DOI as well as the world when it comes to telephone services.

How to Contact DOI  lists key areas of this Department.

News, Public Affairs, History, etc. to top

Public Affairs Officers and Offices

Interior News  also includes archives and search of past press releases.

Historic Places

Office of Intergovernmental Affairs  news and direction.

Events of Interest 

Livable Communities

Natural Resources Library  FEDSTATS information.

Welfare to Work

Natural Resources Statistics

Departmental Strategic Plan

Freedom of Information Act Assistance

History of the Department

Ancient Architects of the Mississippi  a story about ancient Americans that lived along the lower Mississippi.

Civil War Coverage: 

1861 ~ 1865 Outstanding Site Awar

The American Civil War - Washington College

Collections - Civil War Information  from Duke, VMI, GMU, LSU, Purdue, Tennessee, etc.

Customer Service to top

Interior’s Customer Service Page

Customer Services  "reinventing" government.

Commonly Requested Federal Services

Outdoor Recreation   covers the offerings of this Department’s wonderful facilities.

Fall Color Hotline - USAG   follow the Fall foliage.

Park Service to Take Reservations Online  includes 800 numbers.

Recreation.gov  find out where to go for recreation on public lands.

Foliage Hotlines - USDA  this U. S. Department of Agriculture document also lists the telephone numbers covering some locations for viewing seasonal change.

Young People to top

USGS Mapping Information

Learning Web - Kids K-12   an educational site.

Natural Resource Conservation Education  designed for visitors of all ages to understand an appreciate our country’s natural resources and how to conserve those assets for future generations.

Photoglossary of Volcano Terms

Cascades Volcano Observatory   covers News and Current Events, Volcano Information, Hydrologic Information, Educational Outreach, etc.

Science on the Internet  a comprehensive piece with an educational component for all ages.

Organization to top

DOI Organization Chart

DOI Bureaus, Offices and Committees

Office of Aircraft Services    Interior has an airforce!

Indian Affairs to top

Bureau of Indian Affairs   the principal bureau within the federal government responsible for Indians (federally recognized Indian tribes) and Alaska Natives self-determination, etc.

Native Americans - GPO Access  is a survey site that links to other interesting federal locations.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Services - FedWorld  covers a group of legal-social topics.

Indian Health Service Home Page

Codetalk  a HUD location run by and about Native Americans.

Public and Indian Housing Agencies  a survey piece that covers customer service items.

Native Americans  a HUD housing document.

Hanksville -  Native American Resources

Land Management to top

Bureau of Land Management

Environmental Management   covers Educational, State by State Guide, Partnerships, Volunteers, a test on public lands IQ, and other topics.

Reclamation to top

Bureau of Reclamation  manages water related resources west of the Mississippi River.  

Minerals to top

Minerals Management Service   assesses the nature, extent, recoverability, and value of feasible minerals on the Outer Continental Shelf--and more.

The Mineral Gallery   explains minerals.

Park Service to top

National Park Service - ParkNet   conserves the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for this and future generations. This site has history, education, and information about the parks and how to enjoy them.

National Register Information System  official database of National Register of Historical Places.

The National Historic Preservation Program

We Shall Overcome - Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement

Built in America   Historic American Buildings Survey

Links to the Past  discusses park resources, grants, tours, events, archeology, athnography, structures, etc.

ParkNet  Park Stores, and Literature  understanding and appreciating the National Parks.

Visit the Parks   instructional piece on visiting the parks.

Preparing For Your Visit  all about visiting the parks.

Yahoo! Parks covers reservations and a state by state listing of parks.

Golden Age Passport

Special Note: For a charge of $10, visitors to the National Park Service who are 62 years or older can buy a Golden Age Passport that is a lifetime free pass to these facilities. You must appear in person and be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States when you buy your card--no mail orders, etc.

This card also provides 50% discount on Federal use fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, parking, etc. This "Passport" admits the holder and any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle. Where entry is not by private vehicle, the card admits the pass holder, spouse, children, and parents.

Surface Mining to top

Office of Surface Mining   in cooperation with the states and Indian Tribes, this group protects citizens and the environment during coal mining.  Concerned with reclaimed mines abandoned before 1977.

Fish and Wildlife to top

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Search  this Service, with 40 offices nationally,  provides much to the quality of life by enhancing the balance with nature.

National Wetlands Inventory

Endangered Species Home Page  

Ducks Unlimited Canada  conserve wetlands and associated habitats.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Geological Survey to top

USGS Homepage

Biological Resources Division

Search This Web - Excite  Biological Resources Division of USGS.

USGS National Mapping Information  varied map products---many with teaching packets included.

Maps On Us

USGS Global Land Information System

U.S. Government Laboratories

Water Resources of the United States

National Water Conditions   stream flow in the U. S.

Water Resources Division - USGS

Water Management - GPOAccess

Water Resources   educational piece that promotes the value of healthy water.

Information Technology to top

Chief Information Officer - Office of Information Resources Management

Office of Information Resources Management   complete informational document about this organization.

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Usenet Newsgroups

Year 2000 Readiness

Business Matters to top

Acquisition, Financial Assistance, and Property Management  a master document of this organization's activities and functions.

Office of Acquisition and Property Management

Virtual Library  acquisition resource.

Interior Procurement Data System

Links to Electronic Grants   has a unique group of entries. 

CBDNet provides approaches to viewing this key publication of federal contract activities.

USGS  grants and contracts

USGS Technology Transfer   covers many agencies.

Minerals Management Service - Procurement Division

Procurements - Bureau of Land Management 

Denver Administrative Service Center  procurement, solicitations, etc.

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - solicitation information

Interior EPS Site   Electronic Posting System business opportunities.

Policy and Regulations   good government-wide information.

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  covers major federal procurement offices.

Recent Federal Register Activity  as it pertains to the Department of Interior.

Other Items of Interest to top

Aquatic Life-GPOAccess

America's Roof  virtual tour of the highest points in the United States.

Trees, Forest Management and Products - GPOAccess

Enhanced Access for Forest Management - University of Minnesota

Learner online - The Annenberg/CPB Projects  a quality nature and wildlife adventure.

Forests Around the World  an interesting trip!

Polluter Locator:  USA  traces chemicals released form plants via sip codes.

Hein Bijlmaker’s   deals with entomology (the study of insects).

Virginia Tech Entomology Department  

National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)  a storehouse of biological information, databases, study guides, etc.

Smithsonian:   Native American History and Culture

Volunteer - DOI

United States Government - Law

The Appalachian Regional Commission

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