U.S. Department of Energy

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Telephone:(202) 586-5000 

E-mail: doe.webmaster@hq.doe.gov


The Department of Energy (DOE), in partnership with its customers, is entrusted to contribute to the welfare of the Nation by providing the technical information and the scientific and educational foundation for the technology, policy, and institutional leadership necessary to achieve efficiency in energy use, diversity in energy sources, a more productive and competitive economy, improved environmental quality, and a secure national defense.

The Department was established by the Department of Energy Act (42 U.S. Code 7131), effective October 1, 1977. On September 13, 19977 DOE became a Cabinet-level Department. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is and independent regulatory organization within the Department.

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U.S. Department of Energy Homepage

Secretary of Energy

Content Map

Energy-at a Glance   major locations.

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People and Places

Directory Assistance

Welcome to WhoWhere  directory for federal Email addresses and telephone numbers.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal  telephone directory.

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board   performs DOE nuclear weapons oversight.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission   independent commission within DOE that regulates energy transmission, hydroelectric, and certain corporations.

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News & Information

Freedom of Information Act

Where DOE's Money Goes   budget spending via organizational lines.

Other DOE Information Resources

Department Mission   national security is a key concept due to the work product of this giant scientific organization.

Comprehensive Electricity Competition Act

Public Reading Room - DOE  on-line newsletters, technology updates, frequently requested documents, DOE publications and journals, etc.

Consumer Information

National Finance Center - Employee Personal Page Information (USDA)  excellent source for federal employees of agencies serviced by NFC to follow their payroll, leave, travel, insurance, and other personal information on line.

EnergyFiles  DOE's virtual library of energy science and technology.

Commonly Requested Federal Services

Energy Savings Online   DOE advise on saving on your energy bill---they estimate that the average homeowner can save up to $500 annually!

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)

Energy Council on Community Service  Partners In Education / Adopt-a-School.

EnergySmart Schools  economizing on energy. 

School Security Technology  using the technology we have.

Fuel Economy Site  automobile buying aid.

Ask an Energy Expert - EREN  submit questions and get answers on energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Ask a Scientist  send in questions and receive answers. 

Science Pages for Kids   extensive learning site--mostly practical science items.  Other Science Educational Links

ESTEEM  a DOE learning site--learn how a city works.


DOE Organizational Chart

DOE Laboratories and Facilities

Headquarters Program Offices

Links To Other Energy Websites

Power Administrations   listing of DOE power organizations.

Department Administration - Energy  details topics referred to as Mission, Program Overview, 1997 Budget Request, and Highlights of Program Changes.

U.S. Government Laboratories  various U. S. Government laboratories.

Information Technology

Chief Information Officer - DOE

Advanced Computer Laboratory high-performance computer research center.

DOE Technology Information Network  Technology Partnership search resource.

The Reference Shelf   DOE "800" number directory, information management and directives, acquisition contract clauses, etc.---provided by the Office of Information Management.

FedWorld Dialup/Telnet Site Information  federal bulletin boards.

Business Matters

Doing Business With DOE

DOE Office of Procurement and Assistance Management

Savannah River Operations Office  contract solicitations.

National Renewable Energy Lab   search for contract and procurement data.

Business Contacts  key contracting personnel at various DOE sites.

CBDNet  important publication of federal contract activities.

Business - GPOAccess  survey item.

International Trade - GPOAccess  survey piece.

National Technology Transfer Center covers many agencies.

DOE Technology Information Network  designed to be used as a resource for finding Technology Partnership opportunities through the Technology Transfer program.

Where DOE's Money Goes   budget spending via organizational lines.

Technology & Files

U. S. Energy Information Administration   latest EIA information with many current topics and search capability.

Energy and Statistical Information  concerning statistics, companies, etc.

DOE Bibliographic Database   the home of DOE’s scientific and technical report citations form 1-1-94 to the present.

Energy Programs - DOE  major research activities.

PubScience - DOE   virtual library of energy science and technology publications.

DOE R&D Project Summaries   search 12,000 ongoing R&D projects.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

International Nuclear Safety Center Database  performs safety analysis and risk evaluation of nuclear plants--includes Soviet-designs and reactors in China and India.

Alternative Fuels Data Center   comprehensive alternative fuels source.

Nuclear Information WWW Server

Energy Statistics, Alternative Fuels, and Full Text Publications

DOE R&D Tracking Database Homepage   current R& D data inventory site that can be called upon as a research aid.

Electronic Exchange Initiative  educational resource for learning electronic publishing formats for scientific and technical information.

DOE Directives Checklist

Questions & Answers - DOE  nuclear energy---its costs, risks and benefits, waste, safety, radiation, and more.

Nuclear Power - GPOAccess  survey item.

Energy Efficiency-Renewable Energy Network (EREN)  addresses renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Information Bridge  provides full-text reports of DOE scientists to the public.

U.S. Government Laboratories

Obtain a Report

Fuel Overview:  reports on fuel and energy

Environmental Activities

Environmental Management - DOE

Environmental Safety & Health Office

Brightfields Initiative   environmental outreach effort.

Environmental Newsletter - DOE   no cost online item.

Solar Energy - GPO Access  survey document of alternative energy sources.

Virtual Library for Energy Science & Technology

National Security Activities

U. S. Government Information:  Websites for Declassified Information

OpenNet  the DOE database of declassified information and documents.

OpenNet Database Search Form

Other Items of Interest

Sciences & Technology Reference

A Science Odyssey  a Public Broadcasting System site that contains a unique interactive educational feature that makes science a special treat.

Scientific Research - Pathway Services

Scientific Information on the WWW

Citizen Kurchatov   Igor Kurchatov the world-class physicist who lead the Soviet Union into the atomic age--a good story!

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