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The Marine Corps, within the Department of the Navy, is organized to include not less than three combat divisions and three aircraft wings, and such other land combat, aviation, and other services as may be necessary.

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Commandant of the Marine Corps

Marine Link  major source of Marine Corps information.

Marine News

Comprehensive Information for Marines - MarineLINK

Marine Units/Supporting Units  Naval, Army, and Air Force supporting units.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal  telephone directory.

Boot Camp/Basic Training - Insiders Guide to Basic Training

Right of Passage - Army and Marine Corps Basic Training

Business Matters  to top

Doing Business with DOD comprehensive assist in selling to DOD.

Logistics Bases Better Business Practices

Systems Command   research, development, and acquisition of equipment.

Contracts Department

The Marine Corps Wives Website

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