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Been confused by the Internet’s hundreds of individual Federal, State, and Local Government locations--with their own unique addresses and formats? Federal Gateway is a new Web breakthrough that consolidates all these agencies into one Internet site thereby greatly simplifying the task of acquiring United States Federal, State, and Local Government information--and its FREE!

Federal Gateway addresses the two main difficulties in finding government information--locating the agency (ies) that has it and then searching through what could be a massive site (s) to find your data.

The frustrations of endless “matches” and other search engine ambiguities are replaced by a focused search technique that helps you ask the right questions. We pre-search what you might be looking for in order to your stay as convenient as possible. Our motto is--Don’t search, FOCUS!

Federal Gateway simplifies when you need directions and offers clear options when you want information.

Try it...the entire official United States Government is here.  Begin with the Agency Index at your left and click on an area of interest...WELCOME!

Federal Gateway is operated by the Small Business Contracts Council, Inc. (a Not-For-Profit Corporation), 7303 Eden Brook Drive, Columbia, MD 21046 - Telephone:  (410) 312-7444.  This Internet site began in 1997 with the intention of informing the general public about the United States Government.  Federal Gateway is offered at no cost to anyone that wishes to properly use this site.

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Browsing the Agency Index:

  1. When you click on the agency or department (left side of the screen - blue background) the  Agency Index will expand to display the topics describing that particular organization. The agency or department name will be bold yellow type and the listing beneath it will be the white type--these are the active links that list the information for this site.
  2. Click on the red up-arrows [] within longer documents when you wish to return to the top.
  3. To collapse the Agency Index (so you can see the entire contents), you may either click
    the down-arrow to the left of the yellow agency name, OR scroll to the top of the Agency Index and click condense list.

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A totality of factors are weighed. However, content, appearance, and simplicity are at the center of the evaluation. In short, the site has to be meaningful and hopefully will advance the subject or subjects it addresses. The subject matter has to be in the civic, government informational, or similar topical realm. No incomplete locations will be evaluated and there is no cost for a review of a site.

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