General Services Administration

18 and F Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 20405

Telephone:  (202) 708-5082




The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes policy for and provides economical and efficient management of Government property and records, including construction and operation of buildings, procurement and distribution of supplies, utilization and disposal of property; transportation, traffic, and communications management; and management of the Government wide automatic data processing resources program.

The GSA is organized much like a large corporation doing business in a number of operating fields.

This organization was established by section 101 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (U. S. Code 751).

The following material was condensed and edited from the Web site - with added content designed to further inform visitors to the Federal Gateway site.

More Detailed Information

Homepage and Introductory Information to top

General Services Administration Homepage

Office of the Administrator - GSA   lists top GSA executives addresses, FAX, and telephone numbers.

About GSA  introduces the Administrator, mission, history, "Top 10 Hits", annual report, special programs, and organization links.

Site Subject Index and Search Utility - GSA

Main Search  all HTML files.

Government Information Xchange  GSA customer service search resource.

U.S. Government TDD/TTY Directory  includes links to two Government Information locations.

Search Index of Topics  includes an "Employee Locator" link.

GSA's Top 10 Web Sites   most requested locations by Internet visitors.

GSA Serves The American Public   directory of public oriented activities.

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal telephone directory.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

News, Public Affairs, History, etc. to top

Office of Public Affairs  FAQs and other GSA news oriented items.

GSA Annual Report

FEDSIM  GSA's federal Technology Service disaster recovery awards.

DocNet  GSA's mega-forms location--government forms source.

Customer Service to top

GSA Serves the American Public

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center  a large group of links dealing with all types of health matters, references, Internet Newsgroups, laws, assistance, etc.--- plus a search facility.  Center on Information Technology Accommodation makes communication technology available to people with hearing, visual and/or motor disabilities in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Document Act Accessibility Guideline.

Welcome to WhoWhere  directory for federal Email addresses and telephone numbers.

Freedom of Information & Privacy Acts  a brief primer on these laws plus some excellent insights into the U. S. Federal Government.

The Government Information Xchange  informative federal site--basic search facility.

Employment Opportunities   a comprehensive document.

Organization to top

GSA Staff Offices.

GSA Regional Map  positions GSA’s regional organization on a map of the U. S. with a point and click utility.

Office of Inspector General - GSA   is responsible for conducting and supervising audits and investigations relating to the programs and operations of the agency.

GSA Board of Contract Appeals

State Agency Contacts

Procurement to top

Contracting Opportunities With GSA  a "how to" guide in getting  started with a national contacts mail list (GSA Regions.

The FSS Contractor Guide - Index  an assist for vendors to get started with the Federal Supply Service Multiple Award Schedules Program.

National Contract Management Association  provides general contracting resources that can be very helpful in learning about the federal buying programs.

Electronic Posting System  the beginnings of a single location that will have all federal agencies posting contract opportunities, awards, etc.   Currently GSA, DOD, NASA,Treasury, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs are involved.

Electronic Commerce Program Office - ARNet  a GSA and Department of Defense effort to develop a strategy to implement EC/ED Federal acquisition programs.

The Federal Laboratory Consortium For Technology Transfer  gives topical links, key regional home pages, and FLC personnel listings.

U.S. General Stores/ One-Stop Capital Shops Inventory  a new and growing national business inspired by the Clinton Administration’s "reinvention" efforts---involves supply stores selling to all types of governmental (federal, state, county, etc.) activities in various locations.

Commerce Business Daily   "CBDNet" key publication for keeping up with federal bidding, awards, etc. 

BidRadar(TM)  free bid reporting source per your area(s) of interest--free Email alerts you bids, awards, etc.

Ten Changes to the Federal Supply Schedule  a product of the "reinvention" effort headed by Vice President Al Gore.

Procurement - GPOAccess   a survey piece.

Policy to top

Office of Acquisition Policy - GSA  directs and coordinates an agency wide procurement program.

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  an excellent NASA link that puts you in touch with many major federal acquisition offices.

Search Policyworks Policy Areas - government-wide policy search facility.

Office of Government Wide Policy   works with other agencies to develop policy concerning contracts and other matters---GPO also performs this function government-wide in areas such as travel, transportation services, etc.

Government Information Policy Documents - University of Michigan  good survey source for federal IT overview.

Acquisition to top

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)  federal acquisition regulations.

The Federal Acquisition Virtual Library - ARNet  numerous federal resources---everything you want to know about federal acquisition.

Procurement Reference Library   gives formal and general procurement/acquisition information.

Acquisition Best Practices   FAQs about the Electronic Forum Promising Practices.

Acquisition Reform Network - ARNet

The Federal Acquisition Institute  one-stop acquisition/regulations/policy/procurement training resource.

FAR Information Technology Committee  which develops proposed information technology procurement regulations.

Welcome to the Forms Service at GSA

FAST (Federal Acquisition Services for Technology) RFP PAGE  downloads "FAST RFP" which lists the   technology GSA wants to purchase.

Contract Pricing Reference Guides (Five Volumes)

Regulations to top

Federal Acquisition Regulation Information Technology Committee  this "FAR IT Committee" develops proposed information technology procurement regulations for the FAR and supports other interagency committees.

Federal Register  is the official publication for Presidential Documents and Executive Orders as well as Notices, Rules and Proposed Rules from the federal agencies and organizations.

The Federal Acquisition Institute   a one-stop acquisition/regulations/policy/procurement training shop.

FEDLAW  GSA’s own legal and regulatory resource.

Reference Library  all procurement particulars, law, and regulations.

GSA Contract Services Available for Other Agencies to top

GSA Serves Government Agencies

About FTS  covers the Federal Telecommunications Service.

Office of Information Security   provides secure information services for federal government organizations.

The Office of Information Technology Integration  the GSA office that assists other federal agencies with communications technology acquisition, management, etc.

IT Policy OnRamp  a key GSA location that is directed at Federal Information Resource Management (IRM) and Information Technology (IT) personnel---concerns guidance, regulations, policies, procurement, programs, related government information sources, document libraries, events, etc.

FEDSIM  a year 2000 date-change issues service being offered by GSA to other federal agencies.

Federal Information Center Program   provides a clearinghouse for online information about federal activities.

Federal Computer Acquisition Center   a GSA government technical consulting assist for agencies.

Goes Anywhere Office   technology goes with you concept.

Center for Government Contracting  a counseling service run by the Dallas County Community College and SBA.

Intergovernmental GSA Activities to top

GSA Sponsored Education and Training   concerns major training activities for GSA’s federal customers.

Federal Webmasters - GSA  federal personnel share Web site construction and management experiences---minutes of these meetings are free online at this site.

Small Business to top

Small Business - GPO Access  a survey document.

GSA's Small Business Centers

Information Technology to top

Special Note:  The Washington Post reports that federal IT spending will grow by $1.2 billion nationwide in fiscal 2000--a healthy increase of  4%!

IT Policy OnRamp  a key GSA location that is concerned with federal information resource management---addresses guidance, regulations, policies, procurement, programs, related government information sources, document libraries, events, etc.  office of government wide policy.

Federal Electronic Commerce Program Office   major E-Commerce group.

Center on Information Technology Accommodation

National Coordination Office for Computing, Information, and Communications

Information Resource Management - FINS

Federal Technology Service

fedWare Magazine  a GSA publication for the federal IT community.

Americans Communicating Electronically (ACE) Homepage  a survey document from the Small Business Administration covering computing aspects.

Telecommunications - GPOAccess  a survey document.

Office of Intergovernmental Solutions - Information Technology  for governments around the world to share IT knowledge---online newsletter.

CIO Council: Members. Chief Information Officers Council.

Meet the CIOs   federal agency Chief Information Officers.

INFO TECH - Office of the CIO  carries a variety of news and other features.

Intergovernmental Advisory Board  International Government IT Directory.

Wireless Facilities Siting Issues

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisor

The Virtual Institute of Information  global source for telecommunications, cyber communications, and mass media research.

U. S. GSA IT Legislation and Regulations

New Procurement Law  Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act.

Capital PC User Group

Information Technology Groups  lists federal groups and associations.

Government Information Technology Services  laws and regulations.

Government Information Technology Services Board  members, business lines, and addresses. 

Federal Year 2000 Computer Concerns

Office of Information Policy   directories of various topics having to do with GSA's IT policies, programs, etc.

Telecommunications Resources - U. of Michigan  "Federal Government Resources" document.

MouseTracks  the list of marketing lists.

Computers and Information Technology  links to the GSA laws governing Federal Information Technology.

Best Practices Program  are proven ways of doing things---such a concept is meaningful when specific policy may not be in place to address a situation.  That is, it has worked elsewhere under similar conditions.

Center for Technology in Government - University of Albany  research center.

Glossary - Information Technology

Glossary of Internet Terms - Internet Literacy Consultants

Doing Business with GSA to top

General to top

Doing Business With The Government

Business Opportunities With GSA

GSA Contracting Opportunities   1999 forecast.

Contracting Opportunities With GSA  how to get started with federal sales.

Electronic Posting System (EPS)   details procurement opportunities for vendors---covering DOC, DOI, DOT, GSA, NASA, Treasury, USAF, etc.

Acquisition Opportunities - Federal Supply Service  procurement opportunities.

Federal Procurement Data Center   part of GSA reports which federal agency bought what, when, for how much and from whom? 

Procurement - GPO Access  a survey piece.

GSA Serves Business and Industry   overview of major services.

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  major federal procurement locations.

Census of Business - GPO Access  covers federal economic areas.

Business - GPO Access   an overview document.

GSA Nonprofit Resources

Federal Loans or Grants 

Grants - FedLaw  laws and regulations about grants.

Getting Started to top

Welcome to the Federal Supply Service  operates a worldwide supply service that acquires and distributes products and services to the federal community.

GSA’s Business/Finance Information Page  comprehensive site that provides information about doing business with GSA.

CBDNet  provides approaches to viewing this key publication of federal contract activities.

The Federal Procurement Data System  contains statistical data about U. S. Executive Branch procurement contracts awarded since October 1, 1978--- individual government contracts can be researched, compiled, etc.

GSA Advantage!™ - On-Line Shopping  service for federal in-house use items---browse and see the cost savings the federal government earns on various purchases.

Federal Supply Service  assists federal agencies in acquiring products, services, etc.

The FSS Contractor Guide   covers the basics.

Federal Supply Schedules Program  GSA provides a course on using their Federal Supply Schedules Program--vital learning if you are in the chase.

Acquisition Infomation Policy Directory

Office and Scientific Equipment Schedule

IT Schedule Contractors   listing of current GSA contractors that hold "GSA Schedule Contracts.

IT Acquisition Center  home of the Group 70 Information Technology Multiple Award Schedule.

Government Electronic Mall (GEM)  system links to GSA Schedule holders who elect to use this Internet advertising venue to promote their GSA Schedule products.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance  a collection of all federally operated domestic assistance programs - grants, loans, etc.  Search Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog

U. S. Business Advisor  has helpful business information--and much more.

Glossary of (Procurement) Terms - SBA

Statistical Agencies (Federal)

Consumer (Law) Information


Public Buildings Service  space and related real property services to federal agencies.

Search the Public Buildings Service Web Files.

Office of Portfolio Management   mission is to provide property and space services for the U.S. government’s use.

GSA’s Property Disposal  offers links to real property-related information (real estate, vehicles, art, etc.) that GSA acquires and manages.

GSA’s procurement of goods and services   major services provided by GSA.

Antenna Program   leasing antennas on government property.

U.S. Federal Government Sales - GSA  reviews several agencies’ property sales.

Real Property Clearinghouse Home Page - GSA 

Real Property Advertisements- GSA  concerns leasing of space to or from federal government.

How to buy used Federal Property

Government Asset Sales - FinanceNet  one of the best sources for buying used federal property.

Publications to top

Consumer Information Center - GSA  publications center in Pueblo, CO--- review and order information (some are free).

Federal Supply Service Publications

Print, Electronic, and Audiovisual Information Directory

GSA’s Forms Library

Most Requested Computer Products  concerns NTIS internal government products---mostly software.

The Big Emerging Markets: 1996 Outlook and Sourcebook

Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR)

Professional Listings to top

National Contract Management Association

The Better Business Bureau

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisers

Society of Information Technology Management

Other Items of Interest to top

U. S. Senate Small Business Committee

U. S. House Small Business Committee

Search SBA’s Hotlist   a point and click search utility that has business, financial, legal, etc. information.

SBA Web Site Map  an excellent business knowledge, data, and information gateway site---especially for Small Businesses.

The National Journal for Electronic Government   "Delivering Government Services in the Digital World."

Internet Society

Government Computer News  "The National Newspaper Of Government Computing"

Government Technology magazine

Guide to Government IT  leading federal oriented computer magazine.

Government Information Locator Service (GILS)   is a government-wide inventory of unrelated files.

What are GILS? 

Pathway Indexer  a U.S. Government Printing Office retrieval tool for locating federal government data.  office of government wide policy.

U.S. National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library

Office of the Federal Protective Service   is responsible for a safe federal workplace---and much more.

Marketplace - Wallstreet Journal  covers trade groups, women/minorities, etc.