News Resources:

U. S. Federal Government:

Government Reports and Training on Terrorism  because of the heightened awareness about terrorism, NTIS subject specialists have put together a bibliography of government reports and audiovisual training materials from the NTIS Database

Independent Agencies and Commissions:

Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Election Commission
Federal Reserve System Press Releases
Federal Trade Commission
General Services Administration
Government Printing Office
Library of Congress
National Academy of Sciences Hot News" general coverage of scientific news.
NSF Custom News Service allows you to enter your email address and receive "Custom News"---free.

Other News Resources:

U. S. Government Reports  recent reports by U. S. Government agencies of interest to USIA's overseas clients. Foreign Commentary on the United States
Newspapers of the World newspapers, trade journals, online news services and specialty publications from over the globe.                                           
World News Connection - Department of Commerce (NTIS) 
Federal News Service
Space News - Internets
Full Government News Coverage - Infoseek
Government Executive Magazine News  covers federal government happenings.
State-Federal Relations National Conference of State Legislatures "News & Features" service.
Yahoo - Government News
Weather Information Superhighway - NWS government, university and other weather information services.                                          


The Washington Post                                                                                       
The Washington Times 
Yahoo!Finance covers stock quotes, U. S. and foreign markets, mortgage quotes, etc.
PBS Online
CNN Interactive
University of Michigan Documents in the NewsAssociated Press
Pathfinder or
Yahoo! Politics 
CMP net The Technology Network  news from many IT publications.
Technical and Computer News - CNET
Daily Regulatory Reporter a regulatory/compliance news service. 
Salon Magazine
Conservative News Service
Law News Network
Drudge Report '99(R)
FACSNET - Journalist's Reference Resource 
SciTech Daily science and technology "arts and letters stop".
Snocountry projected opening ski dates, snow conditions, etc.