The Department of the Army  USA


General Eric K. Shinseki, Chief of Staff
GIF Photo The Pentagon, Washington, D. C. 20301
Telephone:  (703) 545-6700


The mission of the Army is to organize, train, and equip active duty and reserve forces for the preservation of peace, security, and the defense of our Nation--the Army focuses on land operations.

Special Note: Realize that the Department of Defense has a number of informational servers that include all the military Services of the United States, i.e.,LabLink, DefenseLink, DRMS (DOD property sales), Defense Technical Information Web, DODTravelink, etc.

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More Detailed Information

Homepage and Introductory Information to top

Army Link Homepage



Public Affairs Phone Directory

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal  telephone directory.

News, Public Affairs, History, etc. to top

ArmyLink News

Country Studies/Area Handbooks - Army a continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress--contains studies of over 70 countries.

U. S. Army Military Affiliate Radio System

Links to Various Public Affairs and Organizational Topics

A History of Women In The U. S. Army

Note:  Under normal circumstances, people can locate someone in the U. S. Army at:  Military Locator Services:  (703) 325-3732.

Personnel Services to top

National Finance Center - Employee Personal Page Information  excellent source for federal employees of agencies serviced by NFC to follow their payroll, leave, travel, insurance, and other personal information on line.

LIFELines  offers quality medical services and much more---created by the Navy but designed for all DOD (civilians included).  A quality site!

Links to Various Public Affairs and Organizational Topics

Army Civilian Personnel Online details career choices, education, training, etc.

Cold War Recognition Certificate  if you served in the U. S. armed forces or were in a qualified federal government civilian personnel position during September 2, 1945, to December 26, 1991, you may be entitled to this Certificate (sample of same included).

Boot Camp/Basic Training - Insiders Guide to Basic Training and Rites of Passage: U.S. Army and Marine Corps Basic Training

Army ROTC "The Smartest College Course You Can Take"--call 1-800-USA-ROTC. Includes information about the Army's educational benefits.

Community Relations Assets  details the Golden Knights Parachute Team, Army Field Band, etc.

Organization to top

Links to Various Public Affairs and Organizational Topics

United States Armed Forces  mostly U. S. Army locations.

Yahoo! Military - Army

Information Technology to top

Chief Information Officers

Defense Technical Information Center

Computer Science School

Technical to top

Army Acquisition Pollution Prevention Support Office concerned with Hazardous Materials, Toxins, Pollution Prevention, Environmental Health, etc.--AAPPSO leads this effort for the Army.

Occupational Safety and Health concerns the Army’s Industrial Hygiene activities.

Business Matters to top

Army Acquisition Web site offers contractors opportunities, training, procurement information, etc.

National Technology Transfer Center

Special Note: Be sure to see the Federal Gateway's™ Navy and Air Force Business Matters listings since they can add more perspective in these Federal Marketing areas.

Young People to top

KidScape Parent/Child Resource learning site designed for 4-7 year olds--and their parents!

Other Items of Interest to top

Be All You Can Be  the U.S. Army’s recruitment site.

United States Military Academy   located at West Point, NY. The course is of 4 years’ duration, during which the cadets receive , besides a general education, theoretical and practical training as junior officers. Cadets who complete the course satisfactorily receive the degree of Bachelor of Science and a commission as second lieutenant in the Army.

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