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The primary mission of the Navy is to protect the United States, as directed by the President or the Secretary of Defense, by the effective prosecution of war at sea including, with its Marine Corps component, the seizure or defense of advanced naval bases; to support, as required, the forces of all military departments of the United States; and to maintain freedom of the seas.

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Special Note: The Department of Defense has a number of sites that include all the military Services of the United States, e.g., LabLink, DefenseLink, DRMS (DOD property sales), Defense Technical Information Web, DODTravelink, etc.

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More Detailed Information

Homepage and Introductory Information

U.S. Navy Homepage

Chief of Naval Operations

Welcome to NavyOnLine  search resource.

Naval Web Sites Index   lists all sites alphabetically, and gives users the option of doing a keyword search.

Search Navy Online  most of the Homepage is a search opportunity.

DefenseLink  DOD search engine.

Naval Web Sites Listed by Category

Navy Related Web Sites Listed by Category

Navy Related Web Sites Listed Alphabetically

Naval Web Sites Listed Alphabetically

Help Contents  various basic informational items.

Feedback   FAQs.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal  telephone directory.

News, Public Affairs, History, etc. to top

Navy Office of Information  handles Navy-Marine public affairs matters---Chips technical journal included.

Navy News

U. S. Navy - Year of the Ocean  United Nations has declared 1998 as the international Year of The Ocean (YOTO).

Naval Historical Center   excellent source of many facets of the Navy’s past.

Midway - National Geographic  the battle of Midway turned the tide of World War II---quality document.

Women in the Navy  facts, history, firsts, etc.

Navy’s Status on a Specific Date  gives the numbers (personnel count, civilian employment, aircraft, ships, etc.) on a given day.

Navy Fact File  detailed facts on various aircraft, weapons, ships, etc.

Navy Digital Imagery  public domain photos and other imagery products at moderate prices.

All Hands  covers the recent issue of the U.S. Navy Magazine---sold by subscription otherwise.

List of Navy Ships  and homeports.

Submarine World Network  directory of submarine information.

Finding the email address of a Navy person

Decommissioned Ships and what has been done with them.

NSnet  lists ship yards and maritime information---commercial location.

Navy Signal Flags  are still in use---ancient communications technique.

Honor Courage Commitment - Core Values

The "Navy Hymn" Eternal Father.

Time Service Department - USN  the official "time" site in the United States.

Note:  Under normal circumstances, people can locate someone in the U. S. Navy at:  Military Location Services:  (901) 874-3388.

Personnel Services to top

LIFELines  multimedia Web site that is designed to help military personnel and families.  Anyone in the U. S. Armed Forces can benefit from this resource.

National Finance Center - Employee Personal Page Information (USDA)  excellent source for federal employees of agencies serviced by NFC to follow their payroll, leave, travel, insurance, and other personal information on line.

Blue Angels Home Page

Bureau of Naval Personnel

Navy and Air Force Basic Training

Boot Camp/Basic Training - Insiders Guide to Basic Training

Morale Index (USN)  Morale, Welfare and Recreation information.

United States Navy - Women in the Navy

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Units  covers basic facts, command mission, etc.

NROTC College Locations (USN)

Navy Friends  comprehensive listing of organizations that support sailors and their families.

Navy Opportunities  joining the Navy.

National Cemetery Administration   National Cemeteries veterans' benefits.

Organization to top

Navy Organization  overview of the Navy’s command structure. 

Doing Business with DOD comprehensive assist in selling to DOD.

Naval Web Sites Listed Alphabetically

Naval Web Sites Listed by Category

Navy Related Web Sites Listed Alphabetically

Navy Related Web Sites Listed by Category

United States Naval Academy the undergraduate college of the naval service. Through its comprehensive 4 year program, which stresses excellence in academics, physical education, professional training, conduct and honor, the Academy prepares young men and women morally, mentally, and physically to be professional officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. All graduates receive a bachelor of science degree in 1 of 18 majors.

Information Technology to top

DONCIO YEAR 2000 Homepage  current Year 2000 News.

Information Technology Standards - DISA

Technical to top

Occupational Safety and Health

Environmental Program   discusses technical and conservation matters.

Office of Naval Research   basic research, science, technology, and manufacturing.

Naval Web Sites   Naval organizational listings.

Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence  moon phases and more.

Sunrise/Sunset Computation   astronomical applications and data--sun settings and moon illumination.

Sunrise/Sunset computation  

Business Matters to top

Doing Business with DOD comprehensive assist in selling to DOD.

SADBU Program & Procurement Resources  key Navy Small Business site.

Small Disadvantaged Businesses   Small Business advocate office.

Marketing The Navy  a perspective on selling to the Navy.

Long Range Acquisition Estimate   what the Navy plans to buy.

Small Business

Navy Acquisition Information Center

Navy Acquisition Reform   contractor assistance.

Acquisition & Business Management  quick and easy access for procedures and documentation.

Head Contracting Activities   organizational chart view.

Standard Procurement System  presentation that puts things in perspective.

Office of Naval Research   grants and other business opportunities.

Naval Research Laboratory   business opportunities.

Naval Facilities Engineering Command   current solicitations.

RFP Main Page  contracting proposals.

On-Line Procurement Information System - San Diego SSC

Naval Air Systems Command: Contract/Solicitations  see "opportunities."

FISC Norfolk Acquisitions - Solicitations

SPAWAR e-Commerce Central   "business opportunities" is at this site.

Business Opportunities at the Office of Naval Research

Military Sealift Command - Active Requests for Proposals

Crane NSWC Acquisition Dept. Solicitations Page  solicitations and quotes.

Naval Surface Warfare Center - Dahlgren Division  solicitants.

SUPSHIP Portsmouth Contracts  business opportunities.

Other Items of Interest to top

U.S. Coast Guard

Navy Seals

Commander Naval Reserve Force

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Naval Reserve Association

Navy League of the United States

Drugs In the Navy  "zero tolerance" policy.

Navy Opportunities   recruitment details.