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The mission of the Department of Labor is to prepare the American workforce for new and better jobs, and ensuring the adequacy of America’s workplaces. It is responsible for the administration and enforcement of over 180 Federal statutes. This activity involves nearly 10 million employers and well over 100 million workers, including protecting workers’ wages, health and safety, employment and pension rights; promoting equal employment programs; strengthening free collective bargaining and collecting, analyzing and publishing labor and economic statistics.

The Department of Labor (DOL) was the ninth executive department when it was created on March 4, 1913 (29 US Code 551)--it was started as a bureau in 1884.

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More Detailed Information

Homepage and Introductory Information to top

Department of Labor Homepage

Secretary of Labor 

About DOL   concerns mission, history, strategic plan, etc.

Quick Guide  addresses laws, standards, and other functional aspects.

Site Map


Welcome to WhoWhere  directory for federal Email addresses and telephone numbers.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal  telephone directory.

News, Public Affairs, History, etc. to top

Public Affairs Offices  extensive listing of contact points for key personnel and public affairs offices.

What's New

News Room   covers speeches, special reports, and congressional testimony.

The History of Labor Day   "Labor Day," said Samuel Gompers, "is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race, or nation."

Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults With Disabilities

Laws & Regulations - DOL  all statutes and regulations administered by DOL.


DOL Mission

DOL Y2K Program  comprehensive presentation of this effort.

NO SWEAT - Help End Sweatshop Conditions for American Workers

Welfare to Work Hotlist - SBA  extensive resource.

Federal Register Notices

Monthly Labor Review Online labor magazine.

Customer Service to top

National Finance Center - Employee Personal Page Information (USDA)  excellent source for federal employees of agencies serviced by NFC to follow their payroll, leave, travel, insurance, and other personal information on line.

Adult Training Programs - DOL

From Welfare to Work - DOL

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation   there have been two important happenings going on over pensions: First, at the start of 1997 3,000 people were owed $10 million in benefits form terminated defined pension plans and secondly, employers have traditionally placed 3% less than they should in such plans--now the average error rate is up to 15%!  The message is that you should check your own plan to make sure your employer is putting in the right amount for you.

O*NET (TM) - Occupational Information Network

NIOSH/Work Stress   resources to help prevent stress.

NIOSH Public Homepage   workforce safety through research and prevention.

The Minimum Wage  comprehensive piece ($5.15 per hour since 9-1-1997).

Family & Medical Leave Act

Consumer Information on Health Plans and Employment

Commonly Requested Federal Services - White House

Employment and Training Administration  addresses job search, emergency grants, health insurance, welfare to work, summer jobs, etc.

Executive Pay Watch

elawsAdvisors  understanding your rights under employment laws.

Job Stress

Roth IRA Web Site  provides updates and other assists---a complete document.

Guide to Retirement Living - Online Information

PWBA A Look At 401(k) Plan Fees  covers fees and expenses of this plan.

Programs/Services   covers all aspects of this Department.

Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity

Women's Information to top

General to top

Women’s Bureau  working women’s issues and concerns---laws and policies.

The Women’s Bureau Clearinghouse  covers women's workplace issues.

Women’s Bureau Publications  women’s rights, fair pay, facts sheets, etc.

The National Women’s Hall Of Fame 

The United Nations - Division for the Advancement of Women

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830 -1930

Women's History - Library of Congress  illustrated guide with manuscripts.

Women in the United States   ties that unite.

Women's Links and Resources 

Veterans Issues to top

Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act  job training.

VETS 100 - Veterans’ Preference   covers veterans’ programs, activities, statutes and regulations, grants and awards, and the current news updates.

Information About VETS  provides contact points and other organization specifics.

VETS  advise employers and Veterans of their rights and responsibilities under Veterans' preference and USERRA.

Women (Veterans) Workers  overview of job preferences.

Women’s Health to top

HHS Issues Annual "Health, United States" Report, with Special Profile of Women’s Health

Information for Women on Food Safety, Nutrition and Cosmetics

VA Programs and Initiatives for Women Veterans

Business to top

Women’s Business Organizations

Sexual Harassment

Glass Ceiling Commission Reports  topics by government agency. 

Online Women's Business Center

National Foundation for Women Business Owners

Women's Business Center - SBA  information business on running a business.

SBA’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership  

DC Web Women  interests tied to the District of Columbia.  

Women's Legal Status  covers legal and occupational matters.

National Center For Women & Retirement Research

Working Women Working Together Network - AFL-CIO

Education to top

Division for the Advancement of Women - The United Nations

Women - GPO Access

Young People to top

Work Safe - DOL   tip sheet for teens and parents, checklist for employers, etc.

Teen Bill of Rights

Organization to top

DOL Organization Chart

DOL Agencies

Information About the DOL   organizational chart, history, major statutes, etc.

Department’s Programs and Activities - DOL  search area.

Regulatory Information for Nonprofit Organizations

Occupational Safety &Health Administration Homepage  standards, documents, technical links, programs, training and registration, etc.

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission  decide contests of citations or penalties resulting from OSHA inspections of American work places.  Other OSHA Documents  listing of federal government printed materials. 

Office of Compliance   a GPO piece that addresses OSHA rules.  Other Safety & Health Internet Sites Safety - GPO  sites that have professional safety connections.  Safety - GPO  sites that have professional safety connections.

Personnel Management - GPO  covers DOL organizations---links to the Federal Executive Institute, Glass Ceiling Commission, etc.

Employment Standards Administration   covers Contract Compliance, Labor-Management Standards, Workers’ Compensation, and Wage and Hour Division---also Employee Polygraph Protection Act reference.

Employment and Training Administration

Office of the Inspector General  explains Programs, Activities, Reports, and Media Releases.

Small Business to top

Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization  covers Small Business activities.

Small Business Regulatory Compliance - DOL  addresses compliance of small businesses with DOL’s rules, regulations, and laws enforced by the Department.

Small Business Programs - DOL  speaks to Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Minority Colleges, Small Business Compliance Assistance, etc.

Small Business Key Personnel and Phone Numbers - DOL

OSBP Publications - DOL  list Department buys, forecasts, names of Small Business Specialists, contract managers, etc.

DOL Small Business Handbook  covers Laws, Regulations and Technical Assistance Services--intended to provide small business owners with a better understanding of the Department’s programs.

Office of Minority Enterprise Development

Small Business Retirement

Nonprofit Information Gateway

elawsAdvisors--DOL Employment Workplace Laws  assistance for workers and Small Businesses.

Grant Information

Grant and Contract Information - DOL  covers contracting, grant, procurement, small business, acquisition, etc.

Grant and Procurement Information - DOL  an overview of the grant and procurement areas including links to federal assistance grant topics.

Grant Awards - DOL

Human Resources Management   grant awards.

Special Note: For more background on the Grant aspect of doing business with federal agencies see Business Matters under Federal Gateway’s ™ National Science Foundation and the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services

Statistics to top

Labor Statistics - FedStats   key federal statistics sources.

Labor Related Data  gives mining and other occupational injury & illness incidence rates--also reports Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration data.

Safety Statistics - FedStats  economic and demographic incidence aspects.

National Compensation Survey

Other Items of Interest to top

Safety - White House Survey Report  tracks "safety" throughout the federal government and more.

Management of Health and Safety Programs 

The Regulation Home Page  comprehensive source.

The Retirement Research Foundation

U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

International Labor Affairs Issues

U.S. National Labor Relations Board  independent federal agency created to enforce the National Labor Relations Act.

Selected Internet Resources in Employment Law and Policy

Migrant Farm Workers

Government Information Locator Service Files (GILS)  miscellaneous Department files.

Browse the DOL GILS records

DOL Budget Information for Nonprofits  a checklist of instructions on how to manage a nonprofit.

Regulatory Information

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