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The U.S. Department of Transportation establishes the Nation’s overall transportation policy. Under its umbrella there are 10 administrations whose jurisdictions include highway planning, development, and construction; urban mass transit railroads; aviation; and the safety of waterways, ports, highways, and oil and gas pipelines. Decisions made by the Department in conjunction with the appropriate State and local officials strongly affect other programs such as land planning, energy conservation, scarce resource utilization, and technological change.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) was established by act of October 15, 1966, as amended (49 U.S. Code 102 and 102 note).

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United States Coast Guard   a branch of the Armed Forces at all times, and a operating part of the DOT at more peaceful times.

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WELCOME/ITO TICKER  Department's lead document on IT specifics.

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Transportation Safety  update on all modes of transportation.

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Safety Statistics - FEDSTATS

Transportation Research Board  - Government Organization Links

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Bureau for Transportation Statistics  compiles, analyzes, and makes accessible information on transportation systems, etc.  BTS References

National Transportation Data Archive

Office of Intermodalism  responsible for more than one mode transportation.

American Travel Survey

Interstate Commodity Maps - GIS

Useful Internet Sites - DOT  covers transportation topics.

Turbulence Happens   discussion of air movement during flight.

Transportation - University of Colorado Libraries a survey document.

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U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation

U. S. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transpiration Committee