U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

451 7th Street, S. W., Washington, D. C. 20410

Telephone:  (202) 275-9200

E-mail:  Candi B.Harrison@hud.gov


The mission of the Department of Housing and Urban Development is the principal Federal agency responsible for programs concerned with the Nation's housing needs, fair housing opportunities, and improvement and development of the Nation's communities.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was established by the Department of housing and Urban Development Act (42 US Code 3532-3537), effective October 9, 1965.

This material was condensed and edited from the HUD Web site--with added content to further inform visitors to the Federal Gateway (TM) site.

More Detailed Information

Homepage and Introductory Information to top

Department of Housing and Urban Development Homepage "hud highlights" conveniently divides this site into key portions.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Fair Housing--It's Your Right  a message from the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

About HUD  introduces HUD and its services.


News to top

Office of Public Affairs  key personnel telephone list, organizational chart, etc.

HUD News  news, initiatives, and other updates.

FEDSTATS  excellent federal statistics source.

HUD Highlights  covers current key topics.

Strategic Plan

Customer Service

HUD On Your Side:  Consumer Information   survey document which covers acquiring a home and filing a complaint over real estate matters.

HUDCLIPS  policy understanding assistance, forms, handbooks, etc.

Groups  addresses the publics that impact HUD's area of involvement.

Commonly Requested Federal Services - White House

Find Emergency Housing

Understand Your Rights

U.S. Consumer Gateway  extensive consumer information.

Kids Next Door offers opportunity to learn more about being good citizens.

Home Mortgages  where to shop and what to look for.

Lets Talk! - using the Internet   Internet discussion group opportunities.

HUD Hotline  reporting of fraud, waste, and abuse in HUD programs.

Getting Started - organizing your community

Jobs and  Job Training

Veteran Resource Center (HUD VET)   full particulars.

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions   unique document that puts you in touch with the people at HUD that represent various topics on this site.

Homelessness Assistance and Management Reform Act of 1997

People With Disabilities 

People With HIV/AIDS

Buying a home to top

Home & Garden   Government Printing Office piece that draws from HUD.

Glossary  Fannie Mae

FannieMae Web Site Map

E-Loan  offers rate and term comparisons and more.

Guard Against Abuses

Consumer Alert - HUD  discusses pitfalls of buying a home.

What are my VA Benefits  home buying, financing, etc. included.

For Sale By Owner  thousands of homes nationally---patience is needed.

Realtor.com  National Association of Realtors site of over 1M homes for sale.

HUD's Bulletin Board

Town Hall - Lets Talk!  chat forum where you can dialogue with personnel at HUD concerning your specific interests.

Homebuyer's - Sellers Kit comprehensive coverage of the subject.

HOMEbuying  commercial piece on "Step By Step - The Home Buying Process."

National Council of State Housing Agencies   assist low income families purchasing a home.

HUD's Housing Counseling Clearinghouse   assist low income families in purchasing a home.

What Works In Communities   community support and aid.

Commonly Requested Federal Services -WH  White House/HUD piece that has much to say about consumer services.

Federal Mortgage Programs

VA Benefits for Homeless Veterans - Department of Veterans Affairs

Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities Program - EZ/EC

How to Avoid Foreclosure

Microsoft HomeAdvisor - Find Homes and Loans

Federal Housing Finance Board

Paying for a home to top

Housing Counseling Agencies  an opportunity to get advise on individual basis.

HUD Non-Profit Center  offers some ideas and insights into Community Involvement, HUD Funding Opportunities, HUD Home Selling Guide, etc.

Smart Money

Fidelity Investment  money smarts.

Senior Citizens   new over 55 (years of age) rule is a factor---more choices.

People with Disabilities  offers resources.

Native Americans  delivers a full menu of links concerning home buying.

Migrant Farmworkers  involves some good connections---America's Farmworkers Home Page.

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act  consumer aid in buying a home.

Fair Housing Assistance Providers  another HUD presentation with meaningful advice---spells added protection to the home buyer.

FarmerMac  agricultural real estate and rural housing mortgage loans.

Federal Housing Administration/Civil Rights  the key group that provides single family home ownership.

Lender Internet Approval  will evaluate your loan application at no charge via the Internet---and "Lets Talk."

Office of Community Planning and Development  HUD information about funding, technical assistance, best practices, contracting opportunities, major HUD initiatives, and more.

Home Buyers Fair (T.M.)  financial and other key aspects of buying a home.  

Business and Investing by Quicken    discussion of home mortgage insurance, taxes, investing, etc.

RateNet, Your Financial Connection  tracks interest rates at 14,000 financial institutions.

Organization to top

Organization Information

HUD Programs by Category

Chief Information Officer

Business Matters to top

Contracting Acceptance and Outreach for Small Businesses

Small Business Specialists

Contracting Contacts

HUD Grants List - Economic Development

Marketing Tips For Small Business   need a pdf reader for this download.

Current HUD Contracting Opportunities

Contracting  concerns upgrading the Nation's housing supply. 

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  covers the major federal procurement offices.

CBDnet  key publication of federal contract activities---with helpful assists.

Procurement - GPO Access

Other Items of Interest to top

Volunteer  covers national, federal and local options---publications available.

Communities  covers the intangible and tangible meanings of communities.

Census of Population and Housing - GPO

Homelessness Resources - Community Toolbox

GILS Search Tool - HUD  concerns miscellaneous files search.

What is GILS?