Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) administers a merit system to engage compliance with personnel laws and regulations and assists agencies in recruiting, examining, and promoting people on the basis of their knowledge and skills, regardless of their race, religion, sex, political influence, or other non merit factors. The Office’s role is to provide guidance to agencies in operating human resources programs which effectively support their missions and to provide an array of personnel services to applications and employees. The Office supports Government programs managers in their human resources management responsibilities and provide benefits to employees, retired employees, and their survivors.

The Office of Personnel Management was created as an independent establishment by Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1978 (5 U.S. Code app.), effective January 1, 1979.

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U.S. Office of Personnel Management Homepage

What is OPM  functional explanation.

What’s New  news releases and Federal Register Documents.

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Strategic Plan   covers (FY1997 -FY2002)

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Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB)

USA JOBS  employment help--see also Employment and Employment and Job Searching Aids.

Veteran’s Information - OPM  explains the rights and privileges that Veterans enjoy in federal civil service employment.

VetGuide   lengthy well presented piece.

VA Center for Minority Veterans

FedForce  online service for federal employees.

FERS Election Opportunities   options in choosing a retirement plan--federal employees.

Planning Your Future (Federal Employees)

1999 Leave Chart

Federal Holidays 1999

Reimbursable Expenses  about the OPM providing products and services to other federal agencies for a fee---currently staffing services, automation services, etc. are available.

Employee Organizations - Federal Community

Thrift Savings Plan

OPM Welfare to Work  an OPM document.

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund  provides linited scholarships and arranges for student loans.

Labor Relations to top

Federal Labor Relations Authority  responsible for administrating the labor-management relations for over 1.9 million federal employees.

Labor - Management Relations - GPO Access

Government Performance and Results Act   called the "Results Act" since it requires federal managers to plan and measure performance in new ways.

Federal Communications Network   assists government employee with  communications skills.

Civil Service Retirement System Overview

Retirement Programs   OPM’s site.

Government Retirement & Benefits

Six Months Before Retirement  getting ready for retirement.

STRESS...AT WORK - NIOSH   update on the workplace.

National Unemployment Insurance Web Site

Federal Employees Corner  personal aspects of federal employment.

Pathway Services: Personnel Management  GPO document.

Pathway Services: Labor- Management Relations  GPO document.

U.S. DOL Regulatory Information for Nonprofit Organizations

Federal Workforce Information  statistics, demographics, etc.

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Law - United States Government

Family & Medical Leave Act

U. S. Office of Special Counsel   assists federal employees with understanding federal laws that involve their job.

Laws Administered by DOL - Small Business Handbook

More about Finding Federal Jobs

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The Minimum Wage

Selected Internet Resources in Employment Law and Policy

Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity

Federal Register Documents   OPM's releases.

Related Web and Gopher Sites - EEOC

Women’s Education Equity Act

America's One-Stop Career Center System - DOL

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Planning Your Future - A Federal Employee’s Survival Guide document on individual career planning.

Applying For A Federal Job

Federal JOBS   FedWorld site.

America’s Job Bank

Employment Resources on the Internet - LSU

Federal Times  explains how to use the Internet in a job search---also, some ideas on how to use a resume.

Army Civilian Personnel Online

USA Jobs - Current Job Openings   OPM’s data.

Community Toolbox - EZ/EC  location for first time job seekers.

Career Mosaic considered an ideal site for posting resumes---helpful information available.

The Riely Guide  good links and job information.

SBA: Job Opportunities and Labor Resources Hotlist

Employment - White House

FederaList   listing of over 8,000 federal leadership and noncompetitive jobs.

Jobs - Links to Other Servers

More About Finding Federal Jobs

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Federal Quality Consulting Group   involves active federal career Senior Executives who consult in government operation, assessment, etc.

National Whistleblower Center

American Federation of Government Employees  government union.

What is GILS?   miscellaneous files.

FPMI On-Line  employee educational resource.

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