U. S. Department of Agriculture

Dan Glickman Secretary of Agriculture

Photo of Secretary Glickman 14th & Independence Avenue, S. W.,
Washington, D. C. 20250
Telephone: (202) 720-2791
Secretary's E-mail:  agec@usda.gov
General Information: E-mail: vic.powell@usda.gov


The Department of Agriculture (USDA) works to improve and maintain farm income and to develop and expand markets abroad for agricultural products. The Department helps to curb and to cure poverty, hunger, and malnutrition. It works to enhance the environment and to maintain production capacity by helping landowners protect the soil, water, forests, and other natural resources. Rural development, credit, and conservation programs are key resources for enhancing national growth policies. Department research findings directly or indirectly benefit all Americans. The Department, through inspection and grading services, safeguards and ensures standards of quality in the daily food supply.

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) was created 1862 (7 U.S. Code 2201) when a Commissioner of Agriculture was named and later as it became the eight executive department the Commissioner became the Secretary of Agriculture.

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U.S. Department of Agriculture Homepage

Secretary of Agriculture


Site Map - USDA is a 3 page searchable topic document.

About USDA  agency addresses, budget, strategic plan, and much more.

How To Get Information - USDA is a directory of names, offices and Internet addresses--plus Email and some fax numbers.

USDA Telephone Directory

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Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

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NEWS Distribution - USDA reports current news along with news releases that go back to 1995--USDA provides the service of sending upcoming news releases via Email at no cost.

What’s New at USDA recent general news items.

Biotechnology and Scientific Services Homepage updated Regulations for Genetically Engineered Organisms and Agriculture (Current Issues)

1996 Farm Bill gets a comprehensive presentation.

National Agricultural Library   provides a search engine.

Missions and Support Programs - USDA  organizational goals.

A History of American Agriculture  is a concise picture of the key historical events from 1776 to 1990.

Food Safety and Inspection Services  is gearing up to improve food safety via a science-based system of preventive process control.

Documents in the News  reference information on current government headlines stories.

Agricultural Research Magazine Titles 

How to Get Information from the USDA

How to Get Information/Other USDA Offices  lists key office contact points.

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National Finance Center - Employee Personal Page Information (USDA)  excellent source for federal employees of agencies serviced by NFC to follow their payroll, leave, travel, insurance, and other personal information on line.

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Commonly Requested Federal Services an excellent piece full of good information.

Find the Expert   qualified people to answer your questions on water quality, food safety, plant diseases, etc.

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America’s Great Outdoors

National Recreation Reservation Service - Forest Service Homepage  reserving Forest Service and U. S. Army Corps of Engineer's facilities.

WWW Virtual Library:  Forestry  domestic and international survey.

National Forest Reservation

Fall Color Update  Autumn hotline for viewing foliage changes around the U.S.

Seeds of Change - Smithsonian Institution's "Seeds of Change" Exhibit

ForNet: Enhanced for Forest Management

Home Gardening - USDA is professional advice on organic gardening.

Weather offers links to Current Weather Maps and Movies, Weekly Weather & Crop Bulletin, Major World Crop Areas & Climatic Profiles, and the National Weather Service site.

Parks and History Association   virtual natural park visits.

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Employment - USDA Human Resources  USDA information on employment.

USJobs  U.S. Government’s official site for jobs and employment - courtesy the Office of Personal Management.

Volunteering Earth Team addresses conservation of the Nation’s soil and water.

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USDA for Kids   makes nice kids stuff from the serious talk.

Teachers Aides Index  covers Soil and Water Conservation with coloring books, lesson plans, etc.

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Dietary Analysis Program   USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion lists 27 nutrients and minerals as well as a database of over 850 foods---they will analyze and graph your daily intake and compare it with a recommended dietary allowances set by the government.

Diet Recipes  for any type of diet.

Team Nutrition Home Page  

The National Food Safety Base  addresses food handling and preparation.

Food Composition   nutrition analysis of "fast foods" and other aspects.

At Home and In the Garden   what each of us can do about pollution.

Concerned Citizens: At Home   "At Home in the Garden" with subheadings reading "Home Safety", "Home Buyers" and "In The Yard".

Pesticides and Food - EPA   what we need to know about pesticides.

Pesticides and Food   what you and your family need to know about food. 

All You Can Eat  lesions in food.

WWW.Foodsafety.gov  a food safety gateway.

Safe Food To Go   research on food lifespan (in open air, takeout, bag lunches, picnics, etc.) before being a hazard.

Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality

Agricultural Genome Information System Home Page

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Educational, organizational, and financial assistance is offered to consumers and their families in such fields as rural housing and farm operating programs, improved nutrition, family living and recreation, food stamp, school lunch, donated foods, and other food programs. For more information contact the Office of Public Affairs, Department Of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

USDA Rural Development Program

Fund for Rural America  safe drinking water, health care, education, etc.

Economic Research Service official source for economic and other social science analysis and information on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service  mission, activities, and organization--be sure to stop by the Missing Pet Network  and Animal Care

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Headquarters Organization

Executive Operations   deals with budget matters.

USDA Agencies

Staff Offices

Agencies   major organizational document that covers major agencies of the Department as well as support programs and staff activities.

The National Agricultural Database Laboratory  national agricultural statistics.

County Office Locator

How To Get Information/Other USDA Offices

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USDA Service Center Information Technology

USDA is awarded Information Technology contract for FAA

USDA - Research, Education, and Economics Program IT Report  an evaluation of an IT program.

Federal Dialup/Telnet Site Information - GPO Access  list over 100 Federal bulletin boards.

Join the CD-ROM Revolution  agricultural tittles availability.

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USDA - Small Business Opportunities names of procurement officers and their Email addresses---covers civil rights, employment, etc.

Small Business Loans, Grants, Assistance, etc. - USDA

Procurement - USDA   business opportunities.

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization - USDA

USDA Technology Transfer Information Center

USDA/SBIR Program Solicitation a unique Small Business Innovation Research Program site.

Community Of Science - USDA Small Business Innovation Research Awards

NRIC Grants Program

CRIS Forms Assistance   involves research grants.

Procurement - GPO Access  survey piece.

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  lists major federal procurement offices.

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U. S. National Arboretum   expert source for garden and plant information---one of the most beautiful gardens in the Washington, D. C.  area.

Average Blooming Dates  dates when various plants and flowers are in season.

Plants - National Database  what is known about plants.

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United States Code covers the topic "Agriculture."

The American Dietetic Association  explains food guides and assists with various nutrition concerns.

Natural Resources - Research Information  guide for scientists, educators, students, etc.

National Resources Conservation Service Homepage  volunteer programs, technical references, etc.

U. S. House Committee on Agriculture

U. S. Senate Committees

AARC Corporation   assists rural entrepreneurs in getting equity financing for agricultural-based environmentally-friendly products with traditional lending institutions.

USDA GILS Government Information Locator Service (GILS) are unrelated files of an organization.

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Agriculture Fact Book - USDA

National Agriculture Statistics Service

FedStats  federal statistical locations.

Census of Agriculture: 1982, 1987, 1992 - Oregon State University

Agriculture Statistics of the European Community

Crop Production-Annual Summary (PCP-BB)

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Disaster Assistance -USDA  is covered more completely at Federal Gateway's Federal Emergency Management Agency site since FEMA takes a lead role during natural disasters.

USDA Emergency Preparedness Personnel Directory

The Graduate School to top

The Graduate School of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is self-supporting and does not receive direct appropriated funds from Congress or the Department of Agriculture. It is a continuing education school offering career-related training to adults--this school does not grant degrees. The Graduate School is administered by a Director and governed by a General Administration Board appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. For further information, contact the Information Office, Graduate School, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Room 129, 600 Maryland Ave., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20024.

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Import-Export Directory  agricultural products.