Basic Site Map

This document is meant to be an aid for you in that it gives an overall view of the
many topics this Website offers. The U. S. Federal Government is a logical 
gathering of resources but it becomes confusing because of its size, labels, 
processes, etc.--these particulars are often unique and not easy to relate to.   
With this in mind, we offer this page in hopes it will make things more clear.



  • Introduction:  Informs as to who and what is Federal Gateway.
  • Use, Awards, Legal, and "Linking to Us."


  • Departments and Independent Agencies and Commissions individual news locations.
  • Commercial and other news sources.


  • Federal Gateway WebPages Search Engine
  • Other Major U. S. Government Search Engines, Information Locations, etc.                    


  • A listing of major acronyms (words formed from the initial letters of other words).
  • Includes a grouping of glossaries and other assists.

Mr. Washington Store

  • Selection of unique historical items.
  • Special clothing that identifies with the Nations' Capital and the year 2000.


Legislative Branch (left side Black Index Area)

  • "Introduction" - (activated by clicking on the "Legislative Branch" title) explains this branch of government.
  • Covers Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives) and the balance of the Legislative Branch..

Judicial Branch (left side Black Index Area)

  • "Introduction" (to activate click on "Judicial Branch") explains this branch of government.
  • Covers The Supreme Court and the U. S. Federal Courts.

Executive Branch (left side Black Index Area)

  • "Introduction"( to activate click on  "Executive Branch") explains this branch of government.
  • Covers The White House and the Office of the President.

Executive Agencies and Departments (left side Black Index Area)

  • This area lists the major Departments of  the U. S. Government.
  • These organizations are under the direct control of the President of the United States.

Independant Establishment and Government Organizations

  • These are not Departments but they can be very sizeable organizations like NASA, EPA, SSA, etc.
  • As the administrative head of the executive branch the President also controls these organizations. 

Key Federal Documentations (left side Black Index Area)

  • This area is meant to be an assist in searching for basic U. S. Government information.
  • Gives unique approaches to finding obscure data, and "government with an attitude."

State Local Government (left side Black Index Area)

  • Gives all the current state informational reporting and particulars.
  • Covers state government functional aspects, associations, news, etc.

Federal Advisory Committees (left side Black Index Area)

  • Concerns the 1000 or so federal non-profits that have been created by Congress or the President.
  • Includes a definition of these groups--few of these groups employ more than 10 people.

You will see that we have compiled a great deal of helpful non-government links to further explain the above
organizations.  Also, at times we enhance the information of one government location with another agencies 
data in order to give you the benefit of knowing when and/or how such activities are shared.  For example,
when disasters (floods, hurricanes, etc.) arise many agencies can be involved.  The Federal Emergency
Management Administration usually takes control but the Department of Agriculture (food supplies), Small
Business Administration (loans), Department of the Treasury (replacement of bonds and other financial
instruments), etc. often become a part of a team effort in assisting with their own specialties at such times.