Key Federal Information Locations



How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web - Davidson Library, University of California a concise instruction on how to find the federal information.

Managing the GPO Access Collection: Permanent Access to Electronic Government Information Products  a preliminary white paper on government information categories and definitions.

Search Locations:                             

FedWorld Department of Commerce (NTIS) major federal government search engine.  FedWorld Databases and Fedworld Topics List

Thomas - Legislative Information of the Internet  this one site covers the House of Representatives, Senate of the United States, and the Congressional Budget Office as well as the entire legislative community of the United States Government. Consequently, this document also addresses the Government Printing Office, Library of Congress, and the Capitol of the United States and all its offices.

Government Information Xchange - GSA  covers federal and state governments.

Official Federal Government Information at Your Fingertips  three branches of government and more.

Full-Text Of Government Documents - Mansfield University  extensive coverage of federal topics. 

U.S. Government Periodicals on the Web  Auburn University Libraries.

Announcements of New Internet Resources - Library of Congress

The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval  major federal information search engine.

Frequently Used Government Sites - Vanderbilt University  extensive.

U.S. Census Bureau  covers programs and latest economic indicator, data, employment, etc.

FedStats  Federal Interagency on Statistical Policy's on various statistics.

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy - GPO  current and historical materials.

Documents in the News (University of Michigan)
Handy site for keeping current with all of the latest happenings in the federal government (and country as a whole), as highlighted by US government publications. Includes both current events and past newsworthy items (currently archived back to 1995). 
Doc Law (Washburn University School of Law)
Table-oriented collection of links to Federal Document collections from Washburn's WashLaw Web. Also, note their extensive links to Federal Primary Law.

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy - Yale University  the "Avalon Project" of important world-wide documents covering treaties, international laws, etc.

U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library  major legislative topics.

Federal Government Internet Library Resources  varied resource of government data.

Federal Government Resources on the Web  a quality University of Michigan resource.

Global Information Location Service  how to find all types of information.

Government Documents Librarianship Government Information Policy - UMICH 

Government-Wide Search - GSA  informational search utility.

Documents Center - UMICH  federal, state and local reference materials.

Librarians' Index to the Internet  a solid index of the Web by the California State Library.

Public Policy -Vanderbilt University  covers major topics, e.g., health, crime, etc.

Federal Yellow Pages - GSA  topic search engine.

Uncle Sam - Internet Resource Guides  University of Memphis federal topic search utility.

Pathway Services: Browse Electronic Titles - GPO  covers what is new in federal information.

Uncle Sam Migrating Government Publications - U. of Memphis  government public documents that are being put in electronic format.

Uncle Sam - Internet Resource Guides  U. of Memphis notes other key university federal data sites.

Browse Government Internet Sites By Topic - GPO

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications - GPO

Federal Consumer Information  site map of government consumer services (publications--view free). Data Reports's Government Research Center for abstracts of high-quality research reports.  

The Digital Daily  the Internal Revenue Service's major federal tax preparation resource.

U.S. Business Advisor  small and general business, international trade, finance matters, and laws and regulations.

FinanceNet  covers government surplus property sales, electronic commerce, and the Department of Treasury resources.

Science on the Internet - USGS  and Science and Engineering Research Facilities at Colleges and Universities: 1996 (NSF)

U.S. Government Laboratories - USGS   

The Federal Laboratory Consortium For Technology Transfer  gives topical links, key regional home pages, and FLC personnel listings.

Consumer Information Center  U.S. Government -wide search resource as well as the location for federal publications.  

GOVBOT - Government Agencies, Departments & Resources Search Engines  (CIIR) at UMass. 

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