State and Local Government

State and Local Government   to top

Governing: State Government Link  seems to have everything--extensive!

Citizen Resources On the Web  government addresses and phone numbers..

State Agency Contacts - GSA

U.S. State and Local Government  federal government’s official connection to the fifty states via Vice President Al Gore’s National Performance Review.

Federal-State-Local Partnerships  National Partnership for Reinventing  Government state and local initiatives.

State and Local Governments - Library of Congress  meta-indexes.

State and Local Government on the Net  breaks down each state into a formal organizational structure (with links).

Communications/U.S. Government  testimony before Congress.

50 States and Capitals  searchable state list.

Regional Councils and Metropolitan Planning Organization Links

State & Local Government - University of Michigan  current topics, law, etc.

Stately Knowledge - The Internet Public Library covers each state and adds references to population comparisons and other data.

State and Local Government Information  Government "Information Xchange"---the federal search engine.

Project Vote Smart  tracts over 13,000 political leaders in the U. S.--details these personalities. 

State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP)

Map States - U. S. Bureau of the Census

International Institute of Municipal Clerks

Clickable U.S. and State Maps comes with the Bureau of the Census data.

State and Local Government - University of Michigan  survey of Web sites.

Governments Overview   Census Bureau programs covering local, state and federal agencies and activities.

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission  lists state commissions.

State-based think tanks

F.D.A. Information - State and Local Government


Law News Network   state by state review.

State Freedom of Information Laws   state by state review.

LAWlink(TM) U. S. State and Local Government Sites

State Sentencing Commissions  and   Newsletters  online free.

Federal and State Campaign Finance Laws

State & Regional Government Reference - Internet Public Library state legal operation matters.

StateList:  The Electronic Source for State Publication Lists - U. of Illinois Law

American Law Sources On-Line   state by state law references and more.

State Court Directory - The Piper Letter sponsors are state court systems, etc.

Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes - Cornell Law School  reviews each state.


National Lobbyist Directory   lobbyist, the industry, sources, contacts, etc.

Guide To The State Legislatures--Townhall

Candidates & Elected Officials  Vote Smart bios and other specifics.

The Democracy Network  state elections non-partisan political data site.

Other Political Information   Project Vote Smart---federal-state relationship.


State Environmental Legislation (active)

State Environmental Commissioners Links

Small Community Enforcement Responses   policy on EPA enforcement.

Environmental Factor: Superfund Site - NTIS  comprehensive presentation.


Year 2000 Computer Conversion 

Center for Technology in Government Home Page   University of Albany award winning effort involving improving government and public services.

State Databases   election, demographics, schools, property, etc.

American Community Network  economic and community development data.

Genealogy Gateway to The Web   vital records---birth, death, etc.

Best Practices   from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.


State Government Finance Data, by state

FTA State Tax Rate& Structure Page  summary of state tax tables.

Federal and State Government Financial Regulatory Agencies

National Credit Union Administration   organization, locations, etc.

Local Government   to top

Local Goverments  happenings by four prominent non-profits.

U. S. County Government Sites   provides counties for each state.

Government Information Sharing Project  counties Census Bureau used to draw comparisons and profiles.

National Association of Regional Councils   membership organization that addresses community and regional development.

Alphabetical Index   local topics, issues, etc. 

County and City Data Books   geospatial and statistical data.

Y2K Tool Kit For Schools, Local Government  State of Michigan assist for local government and school districts.

National City Government Resource Center city topics and resources.

American Community Network  tool for researching, evaluating, comparing communities--detailed profiles of every county and metro area in U. S.

State Organizational Functions and Activities to top

Governing: State Government Link   seems to have everything--extensive!

State Elections Data Governing: State Government Link  seems to have everything--extensive!

Agricultural Extension Service State Maps - Texas A&M University

National List of Small Business Development Centers

State and Territorial Laws  General Services Administration.

Full-text state statutes of legislation on the Internet

Courts.Net  directory of courts--covers state and federal.

National Center for State Courts Court Technology Programs

State Law  and array of circuit court topics, etc.

State Law - State Government & Legislative Information

Employment & Rehabilitation Programs - State by State

State and Federal Medicaid Contacts

Flag laws in the United States

IGnet - State and Local Organizations   state by state listing.

National Institute for Literacy  directory of national and state literacy contacts.

Educational Resources for All States and Territories  state higher education agencies.

Legislative Hotline Directory  toll-free telephone numbers to the 50 states for acquiring legislative bill status information.

FCC Focus on State and Local Governments  outreach effort by the Federal Communications Commission to be a source of information to state, city and local communities.  

Federation of Tax Administrators

Tax Resources on the Internet  state by state tax forms, publications, etc.

State Technologies, Inc.  policy and technology in the public sector.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.  overview of Integrated Waste Management.

Pay-As-You-Throw Online  a pay as you use trash disposal services.

EFF "US State & Local Issues & Policy" Archive

State Public Service Commissions   listing of Web Sites.

State Parole Boards, Inmates, Criminal Histories, & Prison Information

State Highway and Transportation Departments (DOTs)

Motor Vehicle Records   state by state directory.

NASIRE - State Search topical clearinghouse of state government information.

State Housing Agencies   state by state listing.

Certification of State and local Building Codes - Department of Justice  covers public accommodations and commercial facilities per accessibility for people with disabilities.

ADA Technical Assistance Program   provide assistance to organizations concerning provisions for people with disabilities.

Index of Americans with Disabilities Act Settlement Agreements

Census of State Governments - U. S. Census Reports

Census of Government Reports - U. S. Census Reports

State IT Policy and Governance  different states IT policy and governance. 

U.S. State & Local Gateway - Best Practices  sharing approaches to contracting and managing techniques.

State IT Applications by issue area

Related Intergovernmental IT Sites

State Environmental Agencies

State Historic Preservation Officers   keep data on local properties.

State DOT Web Sites  listed alphabetically by state.

State CIO Offices and IRM Commissioners

CIO Council  covers members,committees, laws and regulations, etc.

CIO Web Central  information technology concerns.

Associations   to top

Council of State Governments  details the personal aspects of state governments---names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

National League of Cities  serves municipal governments.

International City/County Management Association

National Association of Counties

U. S. Conference of Mayors

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

National Center for State Courts

National Association of State Purchasing Officials

The State Information Technology Consortium

National Association of State Information Resource Executives

National Council of State Housing Agencies

Western Governors' Association  summary of "Key Regional Initiatives."

National Association of Regional Councils

The National Center For Small Communities

Government Oriented Associations  per Government Technology magazine.

Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Other Items of Interest   to top

Yahoo! Government:  State by State Information  just a good information.

SBA:  Year 2000 Issues Affecting Small Business

State Services Organization - Hall-of-the-States  provide basic services to organizations dealing with state governments.

IG Net addresses technology happenings in municipalities.

CityNet - United States

USA CityLink

Official City Sites  city, towns, etc. URLs.

Welfare Reform Watch  current welfare reform efforts.

The States Inventory Specifics - Clearinghouse Resource

Gross Domestic Product by State

Carroll's Government Directories and Charts  good current source for employee contact information---addresses, titles, and telephone numbers.

News Updates   to top

State-Federal Relations  news, features, etc.

State Capital News

Governing  for state and localities news.  billed as your source for news on the states.

State-Federal Relations - Newsletters.

Daily News - Council of State Governments

News Digest  comprehensive nationwide environmental news.

Assessing the New Federalism  a research and analysis project.

Business Matters  to top

State and Local Awards - The Federal Marketplace  contract information.

State and Local Procurement Jumpstation - The Federal Marketplace  extensive listing of procurement sites and opportunities.