Consumer Product Safety Commission


This Commission, an independent Federal regulatory agency, helps keep American families safe in their homes by reducing the risk of injury or death from consumer products. Promotes research and investigation into the causes and prevention of product-related deaths, illness, and injury.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Who We Are - What We Do For You (CPSC)

National Injury Information Clearinghouse provides and publishes injury data.

CPSC Vacancy Announcements

Office of Consumer Affairs - U. S. Department of Commerce

ConsumerNet   a public clearinghouse of consumer groups, news, and views.

U.S. Consumer Gateway your link to extensive consumer information.

Consumer Resource Center   Partnership for Civil Rights site that addresses consumer, women's, and civil rights.

Financial Literacy   links to many informative sites.

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Funeral Planning - Better Business Bureau also see Detailed Funeral Planning   since it is also a balanced view of this subject.  Further, ElderWeb also looks good.

Consumer Resource Handbook

Consumer Information

Center for the Study of Services  consumer organization that checks on service business---and more.

Business Information discusses procurement opportunities, guidance/regulation, procurement preference programs, etc.

Vehicle Leasing a guide to vehicle leasing.

Community Reinvestment Act intended to encourage depository institutions to provide for the credit needs of their communities---including low and moderate income neighborhoods.

Consumer Reports(R) Online  consumer information.

Consumer Product Recalls

Contracting and Procurement

Toy Safety

Employment at CPSC

Corporate Reference Desk  research resources.  American Corporations - Georgetown University Library's Guied to Research  comprehensive path to learning about a company's history, financials, strategies, etc.

Company Sleuth  investor information search site--regarding specific company and industry data.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers - GSA

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal  telephone directory.