U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


The Commission eliminates discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age in hiring, promotion, firing, setting wages, testing, training, apprenticeship, and all other terms and conditions of employment. Conducts investigations of alleged discrimination; makes determinations based on gathered evidence; attempts conciliation when discrimination has taken place; files lawsuits; and conducts voluntary assistance programs for employers, unions, and community organizations--this includes Federal employees and applicants.

U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Equal Opportunity Law

Administration To Unveil Intragency Task Force To Improve Federal Government EEO Process   "Reinventing Government" press release.

National Finance Center - Employee Personal Page Information (USDA)  excellent source for federal employees of agencies serviced by NFC to follow their payroll, leave, travel, insurance, and other personal information on line.

Project Equality   national program to assist employers to achieve equal employment opportunities for all people.

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