Federal Communications Commission


The Commission regulates interstate and foreign communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. It is responsible for the orderly development and operation of broadcast services and the provision of rapid, efficient nationwide and worldwide telephone and telegraph services at reasonable rates. Its responsibilities also include the use of communications for promoting safety of life and property and for strengthening the national defense.

Federal Communications Commission


Resources  finding key FCC information.

Major Initiatives  have importance due to effects on people, policy, etc.

News Updates and Releases

Common Carrier Scorecard  overview of how phone companies performed.

Common Carrier Bureau   responsible for administering the FCC policies concerning telephone companies that provide long distance and local service to consumers.

Federal Telecom Legislation  Blumenfild & Cohen provide the full indexed text of the Telecommunications Act of 1996---with many features to ease its understanding and use.

Office of Communications Business Opportunities  works to promote opportunities and ownership and employment in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries for Small Business.

Other Communications Sites   associations, publications, etc.

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