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Bizcoach  Texas Govt website to help small business


Hotlist American History & Government

George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company an Conversation 

US Historical Documents - Chronology  Great!

The PBS Kids Democracy Project  Elementary school level site that informs kids about America.

Constitution - Analysis and Interpretation - GPOAccessSupreme Court cases.

Fourteen Essays About Americas Most Beloved Symbols and Customs

An Outline of American Geography

Discovering Lewis & Clark  Follow their trip!

Historical Maps of The United States - UT

America's Cultral History

Computers and Technology

Ethics in Computing  Covers Web ethics.

Safekids  On-line advice and safety suggestions.

Understanding and Comparing Web Search Tools  Excellent librarian approach to this subject.

Virtual Computer Library - U. of Texas

Internet Fraud Complaint Center  This group accepts fraud complaints.

Identity Theft  SSA's information to prevent identity theft. ID Theft more on this subject that is becoming a real problem---guard your identity!

How to Recognize a Virus - AARP  Also how to  respond and avoid them.  


Government's 50 Greatest Endeavors Brookings Institution evaluates the last 50 years of federal spending: successes and failures. government endeavors by evaluating how 

U. S. Politics & Elections   Today's scene (The Michigan Electronic Library).

U. S. Government Documents Ready Reference Documents - Columbia University Libraries  Key subjects are kept current.

Official U. S. Time  within 3 seconds and more.

U. S. Consumer Gateway All types of information and assists from "your link to Federal Consumer Information."

ON THESE WALLS   Inscriptions and quotations in the buildings of the Library of Congress--some will surprise you!

Congressional Research Service Reports  These objective reports are done for Congress by scholars that avoid particular political views.

U. S. Government and Grant ResourcesRecent  comprehensive survey by Dr. S. D. Black, U. of Texas Health Center at Tyler.

Federal Commons  One stop federal grants assist.

Born in Slavery Slave Narratives - Federal Writers' Project  

Article Alert -USIA  Current article abstracts concerning domestic and international affairs.

Missing Pet Network - USDA  Lost and found listings by state - and much more.

Food and Nutrition

Pesticides and Food - EPA  What we need to know about pesticides and food.

Find The Expert  Agricultural Research Service suggests that you use their expertise for data on plant and animal diseases, water quality, food safety, human nutrition, etc.

Dietary Analysis Program   USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion lists 27 nutrients and minerals as well as a database of over 850 foods---they will analyze and graph your daily intake and compare it with a recommended dietary allowances set by the government.  Easy access to online federal nutrition information.

National Organic Program - USDA  New standards for fresh and processed "organic foods."

Home Organic Gardening - USDA  Professional advice on organic gardening.

Nutrition Navigator  Tufts University rated guide to nutrition Websites.

Gardening and Plants

U.S. USDA, Gateway - National Biological Information  Gateway to biological data.  

At Home and In The Garden  What we can do about pollution.

Internet Gardening  Highly informative location.

Novel History

Today in History  Beautiful presentations of people, events, etc. by the Library of Congress.

Built in America   Historic American Buildings Survey.

African American Odyssey - Library of Congress Rare and unique items from this collection

Witness -Millennium "My Century": BBC World Service  Each week a different aspect of the century is explained by the people that lived it.

A History of American Agriculture - 1776-1990

Holocaust Era Assets  Full story to date--covers many dimensions of this sad story.

The Story of Taps  The melancholy bugle call played at funerals.

Aids for Genealogical Research Catalog - NARA

Cyber Newseum  Interactive museum of news, what being a war correspondent is like, etc,

FamilySearch - The Church of Jesus Christ  World-Class family history (genealogy) resource.

What Makes A Good President  "Psychologists Assess the Personality Of Every President in American History."

50 Facts About US Nuclear Weapons


CIA World Factbook

Country Studies 
 The Library of Congress.

Portals To The World - LOC  One-stop shopping for international informational needs.

Terra - The EOS Flagship  Satellite that shows pollution around the world--some project that it will revolutionize climate research.

Functional Items

How Things Work - UVA  Covers a great deal of good science.

Federal Forms From agencies, and organizations.

Animals - Government and Law Resources About pets and other animals.

Global Information Locator Service

Terrafly - USGS  Pick out and view spots on Earth.

Online Transactions and e-Services for Citizens  FirstGov service site.

Currency Converter by OANDA


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Children and Grandchildren

Parents Guide to the Internet - DOEd -ESTEEM  DOEnergy--learn how a city works and what it takes to keep it going.

FirstGov for Kids  Enough for all the ages.

Internet Safety (A Parent's Guide) - Hendersonville Police Dept. (Tennessee)

Tuffs University Child and Family WebGuide Child development--describes and evaluates sites.

Federal and State Information - Uncle Sam for Kids!  This patriotic document informs us that this is what our children are supposed  to know about America--we wonder how many adults know this material?.

Grandparents, Brothers & Sisters Families. 

Family Relations  Pen State student project.  Various federal kids sites.

NASA Educational Programs

Learning Web - Kids K-12   Investigates geography, geology, biology, etc. (USGS)

NGAkids  Adventures with art from the National Gallery.

Health and Living Better

Insure Kids Now  Low cost or free insurance.

Health Gateway Sites  Listing of key health sites.

The Alternative Medicine Home Page  University of Pittsburgh.  

Alternative - HierousGamous  Vast legal resource.

Genomic Revolution  First annual assessment of this discovery.

National Women's Health  Information Center   A  major HHS effort.

National Center for Health Statistics

Body Mass Index-for-Age (2 to 20 years)  Determines underweight or overweight.

Medlineplus  Large source of medical articles.

Federal Trade Commission  They keep an eye out for health scams.

Space and the Sciences

Astronomy Picture of the Day  Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured with a brief explanations written by a professional astronomer (NASA).

See a Launch  and Launch Schedule Covers all of NASA launches.

Information Warfare   Cyber war and Information Warfare site.

NASA's Visible Earth  Hundreds of high-resolution snapshots taken from orbiting satellites--sights include oil spills, smoggy haze in China, etc.

National Biological Information  Internationally supported science and biological quality gateway.

Water Science for Schools  All about water (USGS).

Ask an Energy Expert   Energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies via E-mail or telephone (DOE).  Also, when it comes to energy matters. 

Science in the Home  Utilizes interactive techniques to teach the workings of the atom and other topics.

Ask-A-Geologist  About rocks, maps, ground water, rivers, etc. (USGS).

Math in Daily Life - Annenberg   Humans didn't invent math concepts; we discovered them...and more.

Business and Money

10 Things To Do In Protecting Your Privacy

The Public Debt To The Penny

CBDNet  Key publication of federal contract activities---with explanations..

Law/Talk - IU  Practical legal subject matters (bounced checks, rent-to-own contracts, etc.). 

Self-Help Law Center - Nolo Law

Small Business Center - HierosGamos  Extensive legal help for a startup.


Access America for Seniors 
 Large new site that covers key topics.

Golden Age Passport  Seniors save money on visiting the National Parks. 

Access To Services For Senior - State of Michigan  directed at the citizens of the State of Michigan but there is much here for the rest of us.

AARP Guide to Internet Resources Related to Aging

Top 10 Ways to beat the clock and prepare for retirement - GSA

National Senior Citizens Law Center

UFO Reports And The Alike

U. S. Air Force - Project Blue Book

Rutgers UFO Site

Victorian U.F.O. Research Society

Weather and Natural Happenings

Weather  Information Superhighway Comprehensive collection of unique weather sites  (NOAA).

Emergency Information - NOAA

Billion Dollar U. S. Weather Disasters 1980 - 1998

Metropolitan Washington Winter Storm Travel Guide  Air quality, snow, etc.

Intellicast - Weather For Active Lives Microsoft's extensive site.

State of the Weather On The Coasts Of  The United States

Sunrise/Sunset computation  

Internet Fancies

Investigators Guide to Sources of Information - GAO  Highly informative material!

Government auctions, surplus property sales, etc.  Buy a boat, car, etc. at a discount---get on Finance Net's mail list and keep posted.

Political Propaganda and Persuasion - CCMS 

Private Passions, Public Legacy  Reflections in a Silver Spoon."  Paul Mellon's art gifts.

How Things Work - UVa  Write an ask questions--the answers are highly informative.

The Newsum  134 newspaper front pages are displayed and more about the news.

Aircraft Management Policy Division - GSA Federal agencies that have "air forces."

AmenStat  Population diversity in America.  The super secret site (Area 51) is now four grainy black-and-white photos.

The Trail Database  An international site, with pages in Dutch, German, French, and English.

Information - Info Desk  Comprehensive.

Earth Calendar  Celebrate a holiday every day!

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