Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service


The Service assists labor and management in resolving disputes in collective bargaining contract negotiation through voluntary mediation and arbitration; provides training to unions and the Federal sector; and awards grants to join labor-management committees to encourage innovative approaches to cooperative efforts.

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service  The FMCS usually does not provide services directly to the general public. The agency's primary mission is mediation in collective bargaining  negotiations between employee unions and unionized employers. They also provide labor-management training for them.  Subsequent legislation has broadened their mission to include offering conflict resolution services to other agencies of government, and to foreign nations and international organizations.

National Mediation Board  works for harmonious labor-management relations in the railroad and airlines industries.

American Arbitration Association   covers law aspects and much more.

ConflictNet   promotes resolutions through non-adversarial processes.

Catalog of Publications   from the Commission on Civil Rights.

elaws Advisors - DOL  the rights and responsibilities under the employment laws and regulations administered by the Department of Labor.