Government Printing Office

North Capitol & H Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

Telephone:  (202) 512-0000  


The Government Printing Office produces, procures, and disseminates printed and electronic publications of the Congress as well as the executive departments and establishments of the Federal Government.

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Homepage and Introductory Information to top

U. S. Government Printing Office Homepage

Public Printer  like many ranking GPO management the current Public Printer has had a long involvement with this organization.

Navigating the GPO Site   includes FAQs.

GPO Information Page  comprehensive coverage of the Public Printer, Year 2000, Whats New, Organizational Mission, etc.

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What’s New - GPO   extensive organizational breakdown.

Browse Topics - GPO  based on the Guide to U.S. Government Information.

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Customer Service - GPO  details GPO’s efforts to maintain customer support by personal service and other customer need techniques.

Reinventing Government - GPO

Employment Opportunities - GPO

GPO Newsletter

U.S. Fax Watch  use your telephone keypad and your fax machine to retrieve lists of available government information.

The Federal Bulletin Board   file libraries---download to your system.

FedWorld Dialup/Telnet Site Information  lists federal bulletin boards.

Searching and Browsing Resources to top

Keeping America Informed  survey document covering GPO services---good "how to" navigation site with site map, FAQs, etc.

Official Federal Government Information at Your Fingertips  listing of key GPO documents and much more.

Official Federal Government Information at Your Fingertips  this site does for executive branch what the Congressional Record does for the legislative brach--presidential papers and speeches can now be search on the Web.

Federal Government Information Resources  gateway to federal resources.

Specialized Search Pages for Databases Online via GPO Access

Finding Aids - GPO Access

Pathway Services Search

Identify Information Available in Federal Depository  full text search of on the official source of U.S. Government data.

Federal Depository Library Gateways locations that lead to GPO's databases.

Migrating Government Publications - University of Memphis many topics.

Browse Electronic Titles - GPO contains links to electronic organizational titles that run across the entire government.

Connect to Databases Online via GPO Access  allows fielded searches of the Federal Register, Congressional Record, and Code of Federal Regulations.

Publications Available via GPO AccessDOE, Depository Library, etc.

List of CD-ROM titles

Other Professional Resources  state and regional documents groups, journals, associations, etc.

Institute for Federal Printing & Electronic Publication

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GPO Organizational Chart

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GPO Procurement Services  this organization has made itself easy to do business with.

Procurement - GPO Access  survey piece.

CBDNet   key contractor publication for federal marketing--start with FAQs.

Information GPO Has For Sale

Publications, Periodicals, and Electronic Products for Sale

Federal Jumpstation   major procurement offices in the federal community.

Doing Business with Government - U.S. Business Advisor

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FEDSTATS  the mother-of-all federal statistics sites.

Additional Links - FEDSTATS   more statistical resources.