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The Library is the national library of the United States offering diverse materials for research including the world’s most extensive collections in many areas such as American History, music, and law.

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Library of Congress  gathers, organizes, stores, and makes available information.

About the Library - LOC  gives a practical introduction to the basics involved in the journey to fully understand this excellent resource.

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Using the Library   catalogs, collections & Research Services.

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Research Tools - LOC  involves catalogs, Thesauri, country studies, global legal data, copyright, explore the Internet, etc.

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Main Search   index of subject topics.

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The Library Today  News, Events & More.

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American Treasures - LOC  an exhibition of the rarest, most interesting or significant items relating to America’s past.

American Memory  offers various media to tell America’s story---movies, sound, photographs, etc.

Thomas  opens the U. S. Congress to the public with the intent of giving you the opportunity to learn more about U.S. system of government.

Legislative Research with Thomas -  an extensive review of Bill Summaries, Bill Text, Voting Records, etc.

The Copyright Website

Performing Arts Reading Room - Music Division

Global Legal Information Network  database of laws, regulations, etc.

LOC Ameriteck Competition   are awards to libraries---with individual citations to each contributor---plus past winners, how to apply, etc.

Exhibitions - LOC Library Services  the Library discusses their  many services--searching, cataloging, research and reference, etc.

Recent Acquisitions and Publications Exhibition  details the James Madison Memorial Hall display of documents, maps, letters, etc.

LOC Internet Research and Development  offers content and services that are experimental--take a trip into the Internet future!

News and Events LOC   helpful listing of exhibits, concerts, and other updates of happenings at the LOC.

Links to Library Web Resources

Manuscripts LOC   group of historical documents.

LOC Handicapped   details the various efforts the Library has made to make sure all visitors get the most out of their visit.

Center For The Book   was established in 1977 to stimulate public interest in books, reading, libraries and literacy---since its inception it has spawned more than 50 "community of the book" organizations.

LOC Information for Publishers  details the assignment of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), copyright, and other publisher assists.

LOC Standards   a technical presentation of the information community’s formats, standards, etc.

National Library Catalogues Worldwide

Ask a Librarian - University of North Texas  how to do research and acquire data.

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Arts and Literature - LOC  the publication "Library of Congress Manuscripts: An Illustrated Guide."

Special Programs and Services  this world famous library has a great tradition of helping visitors.

Explore the Internet LOC  has 4 major links: Internet Search Tools; Browse LOC Internet Subject Guides; Browse Government Resources; and Learn More About the Internet--a virtual Internet primer.

Resources of use to Government Documents Librarians - University of California

LOC Indices to Other WWW Services

LOC Catalogs   for sale items---CD Rom, catalogs, readers services, etc.

LOC National Digital Library Competition  this "Competition" is an appeal for sponsors to make contribution to the work of the Library.

LOC Research and Reference   covers the Reference Policies, Reading Rooms, Area Studies, Publications, Bibliographies, and Guides--Federal Research Division’s "countries studies" and "POW/MIA" projects are highly interesting items.

Federal Government: General Information Resources  collections of federal data.

Resources of use to Government Documents Librarians

U.S. Depository Libraries WWW Home Pages (GPO and PTO)

Identify Information Available in Federal Depository Libraries

Librarians' Index to the Internet - California State Library

Library and Information Science Links - Eric (R)

Women’s History - LOC  Library of Congress Manuscripts: "An Illustrated Guide."

Virtual Libraries - Special WWW Collections

Subject Guides to Internet Resources

U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

Congressional Services on the Internet

Explore the Internet (Library of Congress) covers search tools, topical guides, government resources, and learning about the Internet.

What's New on the Library of Congress /world Wide Web

Catalog Distribution Service - LOC   details providing information on a fee basis.

Historical Documents

On These Walls  inscriptions and quotations in the Library's buildings.

Community of Science  federally funded research in the U.S

Young People to top

New Deal Network  built for grades 7-12---covers FDR’s years in office.

Learning Page LOC   solve a history mystery--test your DQ (Detective Quotient) and much more!

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FEDSTATS  mother-of-all federal statistical sites.

Key Sites on American Literature - USIA

Congressional Biographical Directory  covers Congress back to 1774.

Additional Links - FEDSTATS varied statistical sources.

U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

American Library Association Home Page

Legislative Information