U. S. Department of the Treasury

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The mission of the Department of the Treasury is to formulate and recommend economic, fiscal and tax policies; serve as financial agent of the United States Government; enforce the law; protect the President and other officials; and manufacture coins and currency.

The Treasury Department was created by the act of September 2, 1789 (31 U.S. Code 301 and 301 note). Many subsequent acts have figured in the development of the Department, delegating new duties to its charge and establishing the numerous bureaus and divisions that now comprise the Treasury.

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Homepage and Introductory Information

U.S. Treasury Homepage

Current Treasury Officials

FAQs  answers to the most asked questions.

Excite Search   main search engine for the Department.

About Treasury  a full menu of key topics covering this Department.

Public Information   comprehensive listing tour information, forms, etc.

Treasury Sitemap   comprehensive coverage of the U. S. Treasury site.

Welcome to WhoWhere  directory for federal Email addresses and telephone numbers.

US Government Blue Pages Online Directory   federal telephone directory.

Frequently Requested Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

News, Public Affairs, History, etc. to top

Public Information Email:  OPCMail@treas.sprint.com

United States Treasury Whats New   listing of recent press releases.

Today's Press Releases and Other Public Documents

Public Engagements Schedule - Treasury Department Personnel

Financial Report of The U.S. Government

The 1999 Citizen's Guide To The U.S. Economy 

Historical Archive  about the U.S. Treasury's history, buildings, tours, etc.

Economic News and Links  good coverage of current economic activities.

Calendar of Important Dates in Treasury’s History

Historical Listing of Treasurers of the United States

Economic "Clock" - Latest Economic Indicator - Bureau of Census  

U.S. National Debt Clock  keeps tally of what the U.S. owes.

The Public Debt To the Penny

Citizen's Guide to U S Economy - U. S. Senate  and 12 Myths of International  Trade  are uncomplicated economic sites with a Glossary, explanations, etc.

Monthly Treasury Statement - Receipts and Outlays

Correspondence Directory for Treasury's Bureaus and Offices  allows direct communications with individual bureaus and offices.

Search Index   public correspondence.

Freedom of Information Act Homepage

Treasury Products Sales & Auctions  Souvenir and Gift Catalog

Auctions Page  covers IRS, Customs, USS, and ATF seized property---mail list information--includes homes and property.

Forms:  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

             Bureau of Custom Forms

             Bureau of Public Debt

Note:  Tax Forms can be ordered below under "Tax Information."

Customer Service to top

Electronic Services - Treasury  discusses alternative options in filing and paying your taxes--and more.

Employment Opportunities - Entire U. S. Treasury

Publications - Treasury 

Comptroller of the Currency Weekly Bulletin  download free.

Banking Web Sites - Treasury  covers consumer rights, reference materials, and bank sites.

Automated Export System  U. S. Census Bureau and Customs Service balance of trade calculation information.

Currency Converter by OANDA  compares money values of various countries.

Commonly Requested Federal Services - White House

ATF's Most Wanted

U. S. Department of Justice - Fugitive Unit

U.S. Consumer Gateway  extensive consumer information.

FedStats  federal statistics site.

Product Sales and Auctions   full coverage of Treasury's offerings.


Tax Information:

The Digital Daily  lists tax forms, information, assistance, etc.

Internal Revenue Service   24 hours a day seven days a week toll-free telephone line for answering questions is 800/829-1040 and 800/829-4477 for recorded tax information.

Tax Forms and Publications

Roth IRA Web Site  provides updates and other assists.

401(K) Plan Fees and Expense

Internal Revenue Bulletins

Tax History Project

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<="" a="">Young People to top

Treasury Page For Kids 

STAWRS Kids Home Page  simplified startup business situation.

Educational Links   some kids items but more serious topics.

Learning Vault  educational opportunity for students, teachers, and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions by Kids (about money, etc.)

Know Your Money or How To Detect Counterfeit Money

Organization to top

About Treasury  full menu of this Department's organization.

The Treasury Department's Mission, its Officers and Bureaus

Treasury Offices

Index of Biographies - Current Treasury Officials

Finding Public Information on the Web About Banks

Information Technology to top

Treasury CIO Homepage  covers organizational matters, mission statement, budgets, year 2000 planning, personnel, etc.

IT Strategic Plan

FedWorld Dialup/Telnet Site Information  lists federal bulletin boards.

Business Matters to top

Business Services  complete listing of outreach and other aids.

Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization - search and browse

Treasury Procurement Home   comprehensive coverage of selling to Treasury.

U. S. Secret Service Opportunities Page  procurement links.

Solicitations - Internal Revenue Service

Procurement Opportunities at the Financial Management Service

Procurement Links  includes the entire organization's procurement effort.

Vendor Outreach Sessions   scheduled monthly.

Treasury Business Services

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  visits the major federal contracting offices.

Procurement - GPO Access  survey listing.

CBDNet  key  federal contract publication.

Government Information Sharing Project  statistics provided by the Bureau of the Census, Bureau of Economic Analysis, the National Center for Education Statistics, and The MESA Group.

International Trade Data System   addresses International Trade Data System and NATAP trade sites.

U. S. International Trade Statistics

Latest Economic Indicator from the Bureau of the Census.

Other Items of Interest

Domestic Finance  U. S. debt management overview.

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network  banking site with survey of Year 2000.

Economy Overview - Census  statistics.

The Dismal Scientist® - Financial Data Update  serious financial site.

Senate Committee on Finance

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council

Coins and Medals

Consolidated Federal Funds Report  shows how much federal money or obligations go to all states, counties, etc. in the U.S.

Business - GPO Access  federal agencies that are business oriented.

Retirement - GPO Access 

GREAT  an anti-gang outreach program carried on by ATF---called "Gang Resistance Education And Training."

Office of Foreign Assets Control

Jim Rogers World Tour   involves his world trip reports on business and investment prospects as he moves from one country to another.

Justice, Law, and Treasury

National Accounts - FedStats  national topics financial statistics.

Bank for International Settlement

Bank Administration Institute On the Net

The World Bank Group

Inter-American Development Bank

American Bankers Association

Mark Benkopf's Central Banking Resource Center  serious financial resource.

USSS Important Links  "know your money" is featured.

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