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The fundamental purposes of the Small Business Administration are to aid,counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business; ensure that small business concerns receive a fair portion of Government purchases, contracts, and subcontracts, as well as the sales of Government property; make loans to small business concerns, state and local development companies, and the victims of floods or other catastrophes, or of certain types of economic injury; and license, regulate, and make loans to small business investment companies.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) was created by the Small Business Act of 1953--added authority and decisions over the years make the SBA what it is today.

Much of the following material was condensed and edited form of the Small Business Administration's Web site--with added content designed to inform visitors to the Federal Gateway™ site.

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Score  senior business consulting service---supplied by the SBA at no cost.

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Emergency Management WWW and Gopher sites  relates how the SBA lends money to victims of floods, riots, or other catastrophes and/or grants loans otherwise to businesses, homeowners, etc. that have sustained similar loss due to natural disasters. The lead role in disaster response is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Often, other federal organizations (Agriculture, Treasury, etc.) can become heavily involved in disasters.

SBA Disaster Assistance Home-Page   includes same contents as above.

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Procurement Place considerations in doing federal sales.

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Starting Your Business (SBA)  take SBA's 31 question quiz in preparation of initiating your own business---discusses opportunities and provides solid suggestions.

SCORE  professionals offer free consulting advice.

Business Resource Center  heavy on business planning and other key topics.

The Small Business Resource  a basic presentation on going into business.

Financing Your Business (SBA)  details loan programs.

Small Business Development Centers Homepage (SBDC)   loan possibilities.

National SBDC Research  Network  over 900 Small Business Development Centers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands---also arms entrepreneurs with business data.

Doing Business With The Department of Defense

Federal Supply Service  contracts for products and services for other federal organizations.

Entrepreneurial Edge Magazine  source for business data.

Practical Business Startup Advice

Quirk's Marketing Research Review  marketing research.

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Federal Information Technology Sales


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SBA:  Growing Your Business   comprehensive resource. 

U.S. Business Advisor  one-stop business resource.

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The Big Emerging Markets: 1996 Outlook and Sourcebook

The Marr/Kirkwood Official Guide  rates over 500 business schools.

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SBA Shareware Library of Business Oriented Files and Programs  the " how to" of starting and expanding a business--covers pricing, planning, etc.

Federal Government Sales SBA's Office of Government Contracting  provides a wide range of assistance--small firms are given preference in buying government resources (timber, mineral leases, etc.) and surplus property.

Federal Supply Schedules Program   government (GSA) key buying program--this site has a free course on using this system.

Acquisition Information Directory   an overview of a portion of the procurement environment--GSA program discriptions.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance   searchable facility for seeking government-wide programs, projects, services, and activities which provide assistance or benefits to the American public.

Glossary of (Information Technology) Technical Language

U.S. General Stores/One-Stop Capital Shops Inventory  unique opportunity  to sell to government organizations.

Federal Contracting (SBA)  doing business with the federal government.

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation  federal procurement sites.

Procurement - GPO Access  survey document.

The Federal Acquisition Virtual Library  informative procurement and business information resources.

Gov't Sources of Business and Economic Info on the Internet  LOC document for business people.

Small Business GPO Access  doing business with GSA and other agencies.

Business - GPO Access  survey document..

The mother-of -all Federal Government buying agencies is the General Services Administration (GSA). Each year this Service purchases billions in common-use goods and services.  A good start at finding out if there is some promise for your products or services in the Federal Market is to review what is currently being purchased.  If   appropriate, investigate what GSA is buying in your product or service category. The SBA has good advice in approaching this market- -but do not forget the value of your own personal investigative efforts in this regard.

GSA Advantage!™  will give you a view of what is being purchased--SBA and GSA can help you in this regard.

CDNet  Commerce Business Daily publication announces federal business opportunities and awards of contracts.

U. S. Business Advisor  business information service.

Glossary Of (Federal Contracting) Terms

The FSS Contractor Guide   doing business with GSA.

Washington Management Group  leading federal consulting firm in Washington, D.C.--design and execute federal marketing plans.

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National Technology Transfer Center (NASA)  concerns joint development and commercialization of government technology.

Technology Transfer

The Army Research Laboratory Technology Transfer Office

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Electronic Commerce Hotlist (SBA)

SBA Technology  government contracting information.

Welcome to The DOD Electronic Commerce Office 


The National Electronic Commerce Resource Center Program Home Page

BidRadar(TM)  receive free Email over your area of federal bids, awards, etc.

Simple FAR Search of a FAR Search Database  an Air Force training utility that makes the Federal Acquisition Regulations more understandable.

FAR Research  quick reference to these topics.

Federal Acquisition Vertical Library - Arnet  cover acquisition subjects across the government.

Governmentwide Policy Matters - Policy Works  gives an insight into what the federal government thinks of itself---interesting reading.  

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)

Office of Technology (SBIR)  a good survey piece that explains SBIR and STTR, FAQs, successful proposals, solicitations, awards, etc.

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Hotlist 

National Coordination Office for Computing, Information, and Communications

Funding Opportunities - Search Community of Science   contracting situations.

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Small Disadvantaged Business Information  

House Small Business Committee  members listing.

Senate Small Business Committee  members listing.

Subcontracting Opportunities - Air Force  

Small Business Administration Gopher  federal  sales.

Air Force & Prime  introduces the major Air Force Commands and activities.

DOD Libraries 

Institute for Women's Policy Research   independent research and policy group that reports on issues critical to women.

The SBA Women-Owned Business Procurement Pilot Program

Office of Minority Enterprise Development (MED)

Women in Business Hotlist - SBA  covers many key Small Business topics. 

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)  local business assistance.

Minority Business Resources Directory of Associations  Email and URL's.

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The National Women's Hall of Fame  lists125 women.

SBA resources listing of SBA offices and activities.

Women Business Owners Corporation™

Online Women's Business Center

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Federal Acquisition Regulations Information Technology Committee - GSA  a group that proposes information technology procurement regulations.

Managing Information Resources for Accessibility  information resources for individuals with disabilities.

Internet and Selected Computer Hotlist

The Internet Society  reports on the latest government rulings that affect the Internet--and more.

Capital PC User Group

Year 2000 Issues Affecting Small Business Hotlist

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Law/Talk  practical legal subject matters (bounced checks, rent-to-own contracts, etc.) by the Indiana University School of Law.

Legal and Regulatory Hotlist

International Trade Law

Domestic Law 

Self-Help Law Center - Nolo Law

National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060

Corporate Law

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SBA's Office of Intentional Trade   introduction to global business.

Country Commercial Guides (NTI)   solid market information.

Women In Exporting  Department of Commerce,  International Trade Administration--the lead organization on nonagricultural U. S. Government trade activities.

International Commerce (SBA) 


International Chamber of Commerce Directory